Drug Abuse: War on Drugs

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Updated: Jun 14, 2022
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Drug abuse has been happening over so many years and it’s bad for our community. A drug isn’t a good thing to mess with it understandable if its used for reasonable reasons but more than needed is drug abuse. Some people disagree with this and opposed to other side drugs are good for our community.

Many people coming back from the war will be addicted to drugs and alcohol due to the massage amount of drugs that is given to them in the war the amount of drug abuse is ruining the community also people’s lives, drug abuse must be stopped before it ruins a lot of people’s lives.

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Military using drugs are bad even though it can help it causes a lot of trouble for them in the future. At, “According to the Article,”Congressional According to the text hearing on Drug Policy” by Gil Kerlikowske in May 19, 2009 published by Director of National Drug Control Policy the author said “Unfortunately, those who are addicted to drugs often interface with the criminal justice system, either primarily or secondarily, due to their addiction”. what the author is trying to say is people who consume drugs are affected by a lot, not a little making them commit to things they will regret in the future. Drugs might help you in a way but it comes with many effects that may cause you trouble in life.

Drugs well are affecting people by making them get addicted to them and hurt their lives along the line and hurt people as well. According to the text, ““Congressional Hearing on Drug Policy”By Gil Kerlikowske in May 19, 2009 he said “ addiction is a disease, and its treatment needs to be addressed “ what the author is trying to say is a simple addiction can last as long as a disease and its curable but leaves a lot of damage to you. It needs to be known and stopped before it passes on. Drugs can be an addiction and it can also be a disease a cure must be made and known before it passes on to others and they suffer the same.

Drugs are bad no matter what it can help you with it causes a lot of problems like addiction lunge disease it’s very harmful to the people who suffer from addiction after the army. And it must stop people all over the world agree According to the text, “DRUGS Special Studies, 1972-1986” by Nanette Dobrosky published by Publication of America the author mentions” during this time. Federal agencies have fought hard to reduce the adverse impact of illegal drugs on American society”During this period of time the federal government has tried extremely hard to stop the amount of drug abuse going on in the American society. There are a lot of people trying to stop alcohol abuse even back then when it wasn’t that bad.

The drug abuse being used in the military is bad for a lot of reasons example more addictions well cause more deaths in the world people well get harmed also people would be struggling to keep their family due to the amount of drug abuse as in people overdosing. More deaths due cause of drugs well is slowly increasing faster than decreasing it.

A drug is bad especially consuming a lot, drugs are bad and should not be around due to its harmful ways. Drugs are known to cause addiction which kills people and ruins their lives. While if people don’t stop abusing drugs it well starts to consume them instead of them consuming it due to the toxins inside leading to more deaths, increasing drug abuse deaths rather then ending it.

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