Drug Abuse in the United States

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Drug Abuse in the United States

An in-depth exploration into the epidemic of drug abuse that has permeated various parts of American society. This essay sheds light on the underlying causes, the most commonly abused substances, and the socio-economic impact of drug addiction on individuals and the nation as a whole. PapersOwl showcases more free essays that are examples of Addiction topic.

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Drug abuse in the United States has long been a topical issue and persists even today. Many different reasons make people get addicted as well as different levels to which people get dependent on drugs. Opioid use and abuse may start out of curiosity while others take them as prescribed medication for treatment but in the long run, they get addicted. In the United States, many people label Opioid addiction as a health problem rather than drug addiction. The reason could be because the Opioids prescription is by the doctor or because the main targeted demography is the Caucasian.

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It does not matter why people begin to use Opioid, the critical thing for those addicted is to get assistance to avoid having their lives ruined. There is a significant loss of life as a result of drug addiction, and proper awareness and prevention strategies need to be in place.

Overview Paragraph

The first part of the paper will be an introduction to focus on drug addiction and the different ways people view drug addictions against the addiction to Opioid. The second section will provide an accurate analysis of the History of drug addiction, why Opioid gets treated as a health issue and why its use and abuse are a type of drug addiction. The history will provide critical information as to how Opioid has taken root to even become an epidemic over time. The third part will focus on the epidemiological finding on the abuse of Opioid through the inclusion of its prevalence, treatment rate and the demographics of Opioid use. The section will seek to take into account the number of the affected people and the specific people in the society who get affected. The fourth section shall provide substantial details on the drug abuse awareness, Opioid awareness and the intervention in place to prevent its abuse. The last part will be the conclusion and recommendation. They will focus on the recommendations from the findings from the research. The conclusion will provide a summary of the paper concerning the thesis.

In this article, the author provides substantial on the federal and Congress efforts and initiatives in place in the quest to deal with the Opioid epidemic. The articles assist in providing insight into a proper thesis putting into consideration the Opioid epidemic and its implications. The article covers the programs, the budget in place and the funding going towards solving the problem of the epidemic. The article is a credible source of information in my paper and helps to analyze the problem to conclude whether the initiatives will go through successfully.

In the journal article, the authors provide an essential illustration of the major opioid analgesic abuse increase and the probable concerns and strategies. The articles provide a broad overview of the problems of substance abuse. The article offers insights on the opioid analgesics that gets used in the acute pain treatment. The source is credible and covers the topical issue of Opioid about substance abuse widely.

Compton, Wilson M., and Nora D. Volkow. “”Abuse of prescription drugs and the risk of addiction.””Drug & Alcohol Dependence83 (2006): S4-S7.

In this article, the authors illustrate the misuse of drugs prescribed and the addiction risks. The article provides crucial insights into Opioid analgesics, how it gets prescribed and how individuals who abuse it turns out to be addicted to Opioid. The article is a credible source of information and covers the area of prescription effectively in the analysis of Opioid and substance abuse. In my paper, it is a central source of information.

In this article, the authors provide an analysis of the greater understanding of the stigma associated with addiction. Overview of the intersectionality with gender and race/ethnicity. I shall provide substantial details as illustrated in the article regarding drug abuse and critical insights on the Opioid use and abuse. The article presents the methodology used, the results and findings deducted in the research and also a well-articulated conclusion. The article provides adequate information regarding the stigma levels and the sections of the society affected. The article is a credible source, and it has quality research work to back up this information.

In this book, the authors provide important details on the relapse prevention in this case for drugs and alcohol problems. The book addresses widely the issue of relapse and also generates critical techniques with a view to prevent and manage the cases of recurrences. The book is a credible source that provides insights and the depth that may even include the addiction, the withdrawals, and recurrences for the people addicted to drugs. The book provides substantial details and accurately covers the relapse prevention.

In this article, the authors provide information regarding the drug law violations and other related crimes. The article provides a review of the risk factors and the long-term course of criminal behavior and addiction. The article provides insights into the impact of the drug addiction on the people especially those convicted or facing the jail term. Also, available in the article is the criminal culpability and drug policy. The article is a credible journal with accurate information regarding Opioid and substance abuse.

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