Dogs are the Best Pets

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Dogs are the Best Pets

This essay will argue why dogs are considered the best pets. It will cover the unique qualities that make dogs exceptional companions, such as their loyalty, intelligence, and ability to provide emotional support. The piece will discuss the benefits of dog ownership, including increased physical activity, social interaction, and overall happiness. It will also touch on the bond between humans and dogs and the joy and fulfillment dogs bring to their owners’ lives. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Dog.

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Dogs can help with much more than you think and dogs also earn the title “Man’s Best Friend.” But do you know why and how they earned that title if not then read on.

Dogs have a great sense of smell. And according to The 11 Science-Backed Reasons You Need to Get a Puppy (Right Now) “Did you know that dogs have a sense of smell that’s 1 million times stronger than ours?” The text also states that “Yes, we know our pets can make us happier, but research shows that interacting with dogs can help reduce stress.

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”This proves dogs help you out in ways that you might not even know about. Dogs help a lot and if you smoke and you want to quit get a dog “ In one study, 28 percent of smokers who owned pets reported that knowledge of the harmful effects of secondhand smoke on their pets would motivate them to quit.”Dogs help with a lot.

Dogs do so much we don’t even know about but they are so playful and also protective. According to Six Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best Pets To Have

“Dogs have a heightened sense of hearing and smell; therefore they can hear someone approaching before you can.” This shows dogs will bark or find a way to warn you to protect you if see or smell someone or something different. Dogs are way more playful than most pets and according to the text it states “Even my dog that is 10 years old still greets me at the door and wants to play. Tennis balls, squeaky toys, shoes, you name it, and a dog will probably play with it. And playing with a dog or a puppy doesn’t bring you joy then you might be heartless.” Most people get dogs because they are so playful. Don’t worry if you exercise and need someone to exercise with a dog needs as much exercise as humans “You can’t take other pets on walks or runs. Dogs need as much exercise as humans so it’s good for you to take them on walks as well. They make really amazing running partners” This proves dogs need to be exercised as well and you can exercise with them.

Have you ever heard the title “Man’s best friend” well who is the best friend? You may ask it’s dogs! Some people are sad but dogs are great people to talk to and According to 8 Reasons Why Dogs Have Earned The Title “Man’s Best Friend” or those moments where you are not seeking someone’s input, and truly just need someone to listen to, they will not interrupt. They may approach you, lean their head on your lap and provide you with much-needed kisses and embraces, and in this, it is evident that they are here for you, here to love you and appreciate your existence.”This proves dogs are great friends and are always there for you.

I showed you many reasons why to get a dog and each was backed up so what are you waiting for get a dog. 

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