Do you Like Junk Food?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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If you don’t like it well, I’m nobody to tell you that you need to like it but most of the people enjoy eating this kind of product, this is because is delicious for some people and it can be preparing in less time than other types of food. But why we should care about this topic because as we know we can choose what we can eat and what not unless the doctor says so.

But today I will make a presentation about two arguments of how Junk food should be banned in schools, one side of the argument states that Junk food is bad and the other one says that we need Junk food and is not bad at all.

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What is Junk food? Junk food is all the kind of food that has low nutritional value and can be prepared in less time than other kinds of food, Some examples of this kind of food are hamburgers, Fries, pizza and other kind of snacks that are in bags.

Why is this a big issue? Junk food is unhealthy, and schools are giving a lot of junk food to minors that can create obesity Eating a lot of junk food can be dangerous because It can create obesity and other kinds of disease for the people Some people say that it can be addictive then you will not stop eating it because your body will tell you that you need it. Transition: now that I had explained what junk food is and some problems, I will like to talk about the first side of the argument that is in favor of banning junk food.

The disadvantage of having Junk food, As I said before many people state that being unhealthy is because schools are having a lot of junk food and this is creating a large amount of obesity or other health problems between the students. Another disadvantage that this can have is how eating junk food doesn’t make you feel like you’re done and full, so you keep eating all that junk food that in some point will make you feel bad.

Transition: now we know why some people are against of junk food I will like to move on and talk about why we should keep junk food at schools The advantage of having junk food, Is not a big deal if you control how often they eat junk food If we ban junk food, then schools will need more money to afford to make more lunches and that may hurt our economy. Having junk food help schools to have a better understanding of what students like. Another example of why a disadvantage it would be that people will misunderstand that schools are trying to make people healthy and instead of thinking like that they will think that they are taking their rights of freedom to choose what they can eat.

Conclusion: Junk food can hurt a lot of people even more when your younger and you can’t control how much you can eat or what you think is good for your health, although if we can control how much Junk food we can eat or have in the schools it might change people’s mind that all junk food is bad. But in my opinion, I think if you enjoy whatever type of food your eating is up to you at then the one who has your future is you and you can decide either you want to live healthily or eating what you like but is hurting you.

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