Diwali Marks the Victory of Good over Bad


Think of clay lamps all around you. Lamps on around every house. Bright lights everywhere. Colorful patterns of sand near front doors. Beautiful flowers and birds made sand. This is what would see during diwali. Colorful patterns everywhere.


On the second day of diwali or deepawali people decorate their home. In the text “diwali” from “national geographic kids.com” says “The festival gets its name from the row (wali) of clay candles (deepa) that indians light the outside their homes…”. The place the candles outside their homes the protect them from spiritual darkness. The also make beautiful patterns on their floors with colored sand and powder called rangoli. Rangolis most of the time have flowers and sometimes birds. Diwali lights are small bowls the look like flowers. Than they put a string that is as wide as the bowl and light one end.

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The festival of diwali marks the victory of good over bad. In northern india they celebrate king rama’s return after defeating ravana with rows of clay lamps. In southern india celebrates it as the day that king Krishna defeated Narakasura the demon. Western india celebrates it as the day king vishnu sent the demon bali to rule the underworld. But no matter where in india diwali means the victory of good over evil. The reason we place clay lamps is because of king rama.

Compare & contrast

Diwali is very different than are holidays but is like are christmas. Diwali is the most important hindu holiday. The most important christian holiday is christmas. During diwali people put up lights on their houses. Here during christmas people put up christmas lights. Diwali is also a lot different than christmas. One difference is the time of year. Diwali is in the fall not winter like christmas. Diwali is five day long. Christmas is only 2 days long.

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