Company Incentives for Apple

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Working for Apple, the world’s largest company by market cap, can mean long hours, stress and lots of pressure to put the company first. Despite that, the tech giant does offer some unbelievable perks that make working there worth it. You get the chance to make great products. Apple is best-known for its products, from the iPhone and iPad to Mac computers, the Apple Watch and more. Working on products like these can be demanding, but it’s also one of the most rewarding parts of the job, especially when you think about how many people use what you’ve worked on.

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According to one Glassdoor reviewer, “”Working at Apple means that the things you work on get into the hands of hundreds of millions of people, literally””. Another anonymous reviewer wrote, “”It’s a lot of pressure to get things right and drives one to do the best work of their lives. 2+ years later I’m still blown away by the talent and creativity of people I work with.”” Working at Apple, gives you the chance to work with very talented and amazing people, along with getting a very generous salary. According to one Quora post, Apple offers newly graduated software engineers some of the highest pay around, with a starting package around $120,000. This is much higher than Amazon and neck and neck with Facebook. Along with everything amazing at apple, when you work there, you get big discounts on the company products.

Apple products tend to be the best in the world and are very much respected around the world, to give the employees an incentive to represent the home team, various discounts are available. 25% off an iPod, iPad or computer, software is available at half off for all employees. After working at Apple for 90 days, you can get $500 off a Mac or $250 off an iPad, this offer repeats every three years. New hires, are able to take 12 days of paid time off. For part-timers, Apple is very flexible. For mothers, they are allowed to take four weeks of paid leave before giving birth and 14 weeks after. Apple does provide private health insurance; they cover the cost from day one onwards. The Health care provider is GloHealth and can be extended to immediate family. In the unlikely event of your death, Apple will pay 4 times your annual salary to a beneficiary of your choice. Apple’s onsite fitness and wellness center is available for employees only and offers amongst other things personal trainers, dieticians, massage therapists and physiotherapists. A good life work balance is established with continuous support outside the Apple campus and with your day today life. Avail of local discounts, a sports and social club, cycle to work scheme or discounts on public transport. Apple’s Concierge team will make travel arrangements, organize accommodation or book tickets for you and on your behalf. Apple is an excellent company to work for, great benefits for yourself and your family!”

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