Child Labor and Apple Company

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Apple asked the US Fair Labor Association (FLA) to investigate in other supplies factories on its behalf. FLA found ten facilities with underage labor violations. These facilities were failed to address the child labor problem. Therefore, where underage labor has been discovered, and suppliers were required to pay child education fees to living expense until the child turns sixteen years old. Moreover, Apple and Foxconn both have a corporate social responsibility as well as stakeholders, which include shareholder, employees, and customers. They can create higher standards for suppliers and business partners, so there will be more suppliers and more workers. If Apple increases its employees, then the work can be done early and no employee need to work extra hours to complete their works. Furthermore, Foxconn needs to improve its working condition. Taking 70 hours of work from workers is really sweat off, therefore, Foxconn should higher more workers and give them minimum hours of work, which can be helpful for both the company and workers.

Child labor is illegal in every country, but the age restriction can be different in other countries. FLA is in the corporate operation, its aim to protect workers rights. There have been always issues with overtime working and low wages. Also, child labor. It is can never be exposed because child labor is easy to hide by providing fake wages and work schedule data. Also, it is hard to prevent child labor because underage want to work to provide food for their families. Therefore, to prevent child labor Apple set a training program to keep safe form hiring underage workers. This can be helpful for both underage and facilities if the training program offers some types of little productivity to earn income to feed their families. For the factory child labor is illegal, if they still follow child labor then they can end up paying all the expense for the child until he/she turns sixteen.

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