Changing Gender Roles in Marriage, Society, and Workplace

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Gender roles play a significant role in our life because it shapes how we think about the society we live in and the people around us. Women have been stereotyped to take care of house business and in the upbringing of kids. Gone are the days this happened now women are taking over what’s so-called men’s work. Men fear to have a female Boss from what I’ve heard most men don’t like when their Boss is a female they feel uncomfortable because is like talking to a different kind of human because what may be acceptable for a male Boss will not be accepted by a female Boss.

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This research helped me in exploring how women have been stereotyped not to do anything meaningful in society but just to stay home and take care of children, whiles men are the breadwinners. Why is it seen strange when a woman is the head of an organization. This is an argumentative essay because there is an argument about women should be equal when compared to men. This essay can change the stigma an individual has against women, I also used data to support my claim. This essay is relevant for everyone because women and men are just individuals, gender just plays a little role in who we are, but it does not define who we are.


As we grow we learn how to behave and act based on our gender from the people that surround us. Women are stereotyped to stay at home and not only that but also to take care of the house and the upbringing of the kids. A stereotype is a fixed general image or a set of characteristics that some people believe represent a person or a thing. Example, there has always been a stereotype about successful businessmen. This research helped a lot because it broadens understanding of gender roles, it is very important to know issues regarding gender. An important question to ask is: Why cannot women be the head of the house? Ladies First Baker, Elizabeth H., et al, During the past 30 years, women’s participation in the workforce, in athletics, and in professional education has increased, while men’s activities have been more stable. (1). Elizabeth conducted a research which is based on how women have improved for the past 30 years, while men have been stable in the sense that through the research women are taking over men’s work. I agree with the journal because today there are women who are CEO of an organization this was not common before but now it’s somehow a common thing. I connect this journal to changing gender roles in marriage. Because both journals talk about gender stereotype. Though changing gender roles in marriage focuses on stereotype in marriage it also talks about gender stereotype.

Figure 1 illustrates the problem with gender-stereotype the man is handing over a so-called Masters Green Blazer and on his shirt, there is a writing which says BUBBA WATSON . Whiles the woman is given a Green Apron . Though the woman is a CEO of IBM she is still given a green apron whiles the man who is a golfer is given a masters blazer. This shows that no matter the position a woman has in an organization she is still seen as a housewife . Also, is a man who is handing over both the jacket and apron? Why are the jacket and apron not being handed over by a woman? According to Neuman, Although there is a division of labor in human affairs between the sexes, there are changing social expectations, which are reflected in somewhat different gender roles at different times. (1). What Neuman means, is that growing up men or fathers were the ones who are employed, and mothers were meant to be at home not only housekeeping but also bringing up the child. I agree with Neuman because things are changing now in some country is a lady who is the president example.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was president for Liberia from January 16, 2006, to January 22, 2018. There is a saying what men can do women can do better. Gone are the days when women stayed at home now women want to be in charge. I relate this article to The times they are a changing or are they not? A comparison of gender stereotypes, 1983-2014. This article is based on a research conducted from the 1980s to 2014 the research was done to indicate that women’s participation in the workplace, athletics and in professional education has increased, while men’s activities have been more stabled. Men activities have been more stabled in the sense that men continue the trend whiles today women are changing the trend Men Men are thought to be tough, defend themselves, and to be protective. Men feel they are to work whiles women must stay at home. Men also feel they are the ones to make rules for women to follow, from men’s point of view women do all the work whiles men have fun. During the past 30 years, women’s participation in the workforce, in athletics, and in professional education has increased, while men’s activities have been more stable. What can be asked from Baker, Elizabeth H., et al research, is that are men slacking, and are women getting smarter? I remember middle school when the girls were toping the class my teacher once said, During his time girls were not topping the class and even the boys in the class will never let that happen but we are spoiling that trend. He tried his best to help we the boys bounce back in terms of academic, he banned us from playing soccer since that was what we found interesting than our academic work, but his help did not come to any avail.

Why is it that good things are supposed to only come to men and not women, there has always been a stereotype about successful women? Hence anytime a woman is driving a flashy car or lives in a flashy house society want to know the type of work she does, therefore when it’s a man society say he is a businessman. Growing up my family always tell me you are the only boy in the mist of two girls who are my sisters so I should act like a man I should set examples for them to follow. In a way, I think men are not slacking women want to change the image society have for them. Ladies of today are smarter and adventurous than men, ladies are more curious about things than men do. Back in the days’ men were expected to be doctors whiles women are to be nurses, times are indeed changing now men are taking over the position of nurses so as women doctors. Men are also taking over what was so-called woman work . One of my classmates in psychology said: she prefers the opposite sex to treat her than the same sex because she feels much comfortable . She feels the opposite sex which is men are better than women. I was surprised hearing this because I never had that mentality about who should treat me when I am sick. This is how far people have taken stereotype even to their healthy life. If men want to take over most things like before, men must step up their game. Conclusion Gender roles are changing, women are moving forward in terms of taking roles that used to be for men and are making it theirs. Gender plays a little role in who we are it does not define who we are. Stereotype against women should be changed besides we are all human.

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