Gender Roles in Marriage

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Despite all of the changes the American society has endured, still the traditional roles of men and women in marriage triumph with the men reinforcing it and the women willingly accepting it due to the fact that it is seen as a part of the male dominating culture. The man is still considered the breadwinner of the family, and the female as the caretaker of the children and household. Meanwhile in the modern day and age both the husband and wife work together in order to bring in some sort of income for the household.

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With this as time goes on the majority of Americans believe that household chores and especially childcare should be a shared role between both partners in the marriage.

When someone hears the words gender inequality essentially the first thing that comes to mind is the prejudice one gender endures over another. Typically, the female in a relationship is seen as secondary to the male and always expected to stand behind her man in his doings which then hence the power is all held by the superior male gender.

Every young girl dreams of the day she will become married and start her family, because it is not only the gold standard of how to live one’s life ( ) but it also tends to provide a sense of comfort and security to the wife. This then typically allows gender roles to not be completely defined in the relationship until it enters the stage of marriage, but warning signs of an unhealthy relationship can start to show as soon as in the dating stage. More often than not the starts of gender role arguments are over looked, and as the relationship moves forward into the honeymoon stage where you are in a romance trance and you still don’t typically notice the controlling things your partner does. Instead, you find every little thing your partner does as adorable, sweet and charming, for example, expecting you stay at home instead going out to work while on focusing on what is happening in his life, or even asking you to wear a certain style of clothing so that others will not flirt with you.

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