Cell Phone Use during School

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Should Cell Phone use during school be allowed or prohibited? You have probably heard many complaints throughout your lifetime, whether you’re a student, a teacher, or just a parent, on about the high Cell Phone usage in the classroom and in the learning environment. Well, if you ask me, the use of Cell Phones during the school day should not only be aloud, but in some cases be supported. I know, the thoughts are ” this is just a teenager who is anxious to be on the phone all the time but you would be surprised to find that many adults and teachers agree with this statement.

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I researched and read many different articles on this topic, some who support the use of them due to reasons they gave in the text, and some who disagree with the constant use of Cell Phones during school for specific reasons they state in the text also. Throughout this argumentative essay, I will break down the articles I have read and describe and cite evidence from their viewpoints as well as describing the ways I agree, and/or disagree with the statements made.

Cell Phones In The Classroom, Are We Dialing Up Disaster? Written by George Engel and Tim Green. In this research article it describes the viewpoint of using technology leads to an increase in class participation, I kid you not it even mentions a quote that says ” There was an observable rise in class participation when cell phones were used in the class Although this statement might not appear very promising, there was an “experiment type, done in a precalculus classroom at Clarkstown high school with the parent’s permission to back up this claim. The cell phones were used to do many things that contributed to the student’s learning and education. They were used as research tools, the use of the cell phone enabled students to become active participants in their learning by using the internet to search background information (P42).

Cell Phone use also enabled these students to develop the ability for evidence collection; they could use them to take pictures of their work, the notes they needed and other classroom items needed. They then uploaded these evidence of learning pictures on the website “Flickr to create a slideshow, which would demonstrate for them how they have grown in that subject and course (intelligence wise). “The ultimate goal of any introduction of technology into a learning environment is to improve learning. As this pilot progressed throughout the year, we witnessed gains in several areas, including participation, reflection, and assessments (P44). This article aids in supporting my claim that despite the common views against cell phone use during school, if you look into it you will find that they can be incredibly helpful and aid in helping students to become better learner, researchers, and more participant all around.

U.S. Students Need A Cell Phone Detox written by Brooke Olsen Romney. In this article, it informs us of the Cell Phone use ban for French students during school for ages 15 and under. While some teachers are able to control cell phones in their classrooms with a variety of innovative ideas and consequences, many either cannot or will not. Enforcing phone restrictions eats into precious class time, so some tired teachers have instead begged for 20 phone-free minutes, rewarding students with unregulated “work” time for the rest of the period (Par.4) . The author is explaining to us the issues within the non-strict overall look at using phones during the school day, because there is not an overall enforced rule on this matter, teachers do not want to take the time out of their day to have to worry about strictly enforcing these rules themselves.

She discussed how many teachers will give their students the option of having their phones out and not paying attention, or to keep their phone away and focus on the tasks at hand as being up to them and letting their own work reflect on their good or bad decision. After stating this tactic she uses the example of; Imagine a typical middle school boy. Will rocks and minerals capture his attention or Fortnite on his phone? You don’t have to get too deep into brain research to know that he will often make the wrong choice (Par.5). She also digs into the topic of bullying, how technology makes it easier and quicker for kids to be rude and hurtful during the school day without even having to see one another. While all of these reasons to oppose Cell Phones during school are valid, you have to look at it from the other point of view as well.

Yes if the boy who would rather play on his phone has the option to, he probably will. If you think about this situation, if this same boy didn’t have his phone during class and just did not want to pay attention, then he would find other ways to not have to like doodling, day dreaming or other tactics whether he has his phone with him or not. I do believe Cell Phone use during school should have restrictions that come along with it, but the benefits of the useful technology out way the disruptions that would still be caused without cell phone use.

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