Cause and Effect of Illegal Immigration: Examining Barriers

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Updated: Aug 23, 2023
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The Border Wall Debate

According to the American Immigration Council, “Every one out of six Texas residents is an immigrant. In 2016 4.1 million people in Texas were native-born citizens with at least one immigrant parent.” Over the past years’ immigration has been growing in Texas, and President Donald Trump, his thoughts are building the wall will be an advantage to the immigration problem. But he wants Mexico to pay for it. But the former President of Mexico, Pena Nieto, rejected the offer of the wall.

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It wasn’t important for him because they had another issue to be concerned about.

But Trump still wants to fulfill his long promise of border control between the US and Mexico. The democrat refused to vote for any funding for Trump and kept demanding 5 billion dollars to build it. The government is shut down by the PresidentPresident disagreement or signing spending bills unless Congress provides him an additional 5 billion dollars. Finally, President Trump and Congress reached a border security deal that ended the longest government shutdown in US history with no money for the border wall. Building the wall won’t lower immigration, and it will affect the economy.

Economic Implications of the Wall

Will Hurd, Texas Republican, told Rolling Stone, “most expensive and least effective way to do border security.” One of the few Republicans who oppose the wall and is not too happy about it. The PresidentPresident should improve homeland security and stop separating families and spending money on the wall. In addition, former Representative Beto O’Rourke told Rolling Stone, “Investing in our ports of entry — facilitating more legitimate trade and travel, and travel.” Building a wall is not a solution, but being more invested in proper security and keeping people who are Dreamers will not live in fear of deportation.

That advancement of security will help improve. Furthermore, according to Filemon Vela Jr, Texas democrat believes that “… Building a wall along the border of a neighboring country, which is both our ally and one of our largest trading partners…” believe that it’s an attack and it will not provide security that will not make communities safer. The expense can have an effect on the economy nation and can cut connections to their neighbors in Mexico. He also believes that building a wall is discrimination against Hispanics. Building the wall in Texas is not a deterrent against illegal migrants and damages the economy.

Family Impact and Social Repercussions

The wall will have an impact on families. Most families come to America for better opportunities and have a better life here. So many family members have been deported, leaving their entire family and their life behind. The relatives that never left Mexico and made it to the fences between the borders to see their families. A few places around the border allowed them to see their families at certain times. A barrier will affect the way these migrants and native-born communicate with their families and cause harm to them. Undocumented workers and drugs will still find a way across these walls. Migrants can obtain a visa and can overstay.

Migrants with visas were outnumbered by the migrants that illegally made it across. Also, Cartels in Mexico can outsmart the checkpoint by carefully studying how each checkpoint operates, and cartels are hard to track down with no identification cards. Margnat can still manage to smuggle drugs across. Furthermore, This will define the United States relation with Mexico since more of their goods come from their neighboring country. Building a barrier can affect at least 12 million people that live a few miles away from the border by taking their property and building on it, affecting multiple communities.

Economic Contributions of Immigrants

For Instance, Immigrants’ works have a positive effect on the economy. According to the wall: the real cost of a barrier. “Sectors with large numbers of undocumented workers often work the unpleasant, back—breaking jobs that native-born workers are not willing to do breaking; jobs Include construction, agriculture, manufacturing, hospitality service, and fish cutting.” For example, if the fish-cutting industry is unable to hire a legal worker, this will lead to depending on undocumented workers. This can be a dangerous job that can develop carpal tunnel syndrome, and if not carefully, can amputate fingers. This condition can lead to the risk of infection. Over the past ten years, workers have been subjected to forced labor conditions and often time treated unfairly.

But most migrants work in this unbearable condition to support their families. There are more jobs in America than in Mexico and Central America, especially in Honduras. The cutting fish industry was difficult for 38-year-old Marta Escoto, and she put up with the horrible conditions of her job for her two children. The economy needs its immigrant workers to fill in jobs. But in the early wave of anti-immigration lost her job until she was working at the factory. Officers were asking to see the paper from them, and she got arrested and deported. Her two children were left at daycare till her sister picked them up. Until senators, John F. Kerry and Edward M. Kennedy, a representative of Massachusetts, speak out against the raid. Martha Escoto was released and reunited with her children. Furthermore, The portion foreign-born is about 16 percent of the labor force. Undocumented and their children account for the vast majority of the current and future workforce if the number decreases by deportation and the wall to future undocumented.

Economic Impact and Labor Force Dynamics

It will affect the workforce in America in the future. People that are born represent the percent of the population of the workforce. Assuming that they don’t build the wall, the workforce will increase by 30 million in the next 50 years. The economy needs work to fill in the job that people are not going to do. Illegal immigrants will benefit from taxes such as social security, and Medicare can increase the number over the year even if immigrants have fake social security. They were unable to receive benefits. But immigrants fund 13 billion in the retirement fund. Furthermore, putting up the wall can reduce the number of workers, and future workers can make decreases productivity and benefits by billions of dollars. Without undocumented, people wouldn’t do hard labor or terrible working condition just to support their families.

In Additional, There are already a lot of undocumented immigrants here, and it won’t reduce effectively as much. According to the Houston Chronicle explained: the other half of illegal immigration stated. “Pew research report, entered at an airport or official border crossing with a valid visa and never left. The report estimated the precise figure at 45 percent.” Furthermore, In 2015 the Department of homeland security department that 45 million visa holders were supposed to leave that year, but only 99 percent did leave, and only 0.9 percent, or 416,500 people, stayed. Most people were able to still work and continue to live their lives. Anyone can obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, which is like a social security number. Allow people to work and pay taxes. It has been harder to obtain because people took advantage of it in 2013 and 2015.

Economic, Social, and Diplomatic Implications

But somehow, people still maintain their lives without social security or a bank account. A visa can set people to start their lives in Texas just by going through the process with a trip to the American consulate in the home of the person’s country. That alone the person to visit the state. U. S reported 11 million non-immigrant visas in 2015, which has been the highest number in previous years. With undocumented staying longer and it will be limited to renew their visa. Overall, building the wall won’t prevent people with visas from coming through legally. This will lead people to overstay. It would be difficult for the U. S immigration to deport millions of people just to reduce immigration because that would be nearly impossible to do. Millions of immigrants have been living in Texas for years, and millions more are coming each year having visas. It would be a waste of money to build it.

Trade and Economic Implications

Further, the border will have a major impact on trade for the economy. According to BBC News, “It would be a disaster for Texas” stated. “Texas is, in fact, the US’s largest exporter, and Mexico is its biggest overseas market. Last year Texas exported $97.3 billion of goods….” Many businesses across Texas are worried that President Trump’s economic policies will cause harm to trade between Texas and Mexico. Mostly concerned that Trump will have the US pullout of the North American Free Trade Agreement. That is between US, Mexico, and Canada. He wants tariffs and other barriers. NAFTA has increased imports by 13 percent and provided American jobs. Texas unemployment is extremely low, and it plays a large part; more than one million jobs depend on NAFTA. Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablo advised the governor on Mexico’s affairs that the new deal should not be lost to their benefit. Additionally, according to Houston Business Journal, “Trump vs. Mexico: Here’s what’s at state for Texas trade,” stated. “The top goods Texas import from Mexico are computer and electronic products ($2.4 billion), transportation equipment ($18.2 billion), and oil and gas ($8.8 billion).”

Complexities of Cross-Border Commerce

The United States and Mexico tension rises since Trump want to fund the wall and try to force Mexico to pay for it. He wanted In 2015 accounted for more than $84 billion in imports from Mexico. Texas imports come mostly from Mexico, and a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports to help fund the wall. If the United States funds the wall, it will hurt the Texas economy. This can result in job loss and state tax revenues in Texas. About 296 billion dollars of trade came from imports to the United States. But mostly Texas and California account for 42 percent of the imports. Building the wall will cost people jobs because over a million workers’ jobs depend on trade. It will be more expensive and difficult to trade with Mexico having to tax their goods even more. Also, it can result in some intense conflict between Mexico and The united state as a whole. Without trade, it will affect both Mexico and Texas from mostly getting their export from each other. Weakening Mexico’s economy will cause criminal violence.

Concluding Thoughts

Finally, The wall will not be a solution to our problems but can help worsen in years to come. Building a barrier will be discrimination towards Hispanic descent and will not be a good image in the United States, especially since most of the population around the southern border are from Central America and Mexico and are native-born. Over the years, immigration has grown by overstaying their visa and has outnumbered the migrants that have illegally crossed the border. This situation will not prevent the entry of migrants. Furthermore, migrants and future native-born being benefited the economy by filling in jobs that Americans wouldn’t do because of the hard labor condition that some business deal with. That often leads to companies becoming dependent on migrants.

Also, it has provided an increase in Medicare and social security, the migrant has impacted the social revenue over billions of dollars, and in the future, the profit will keep increasing. Furthermore, having barriers will create tension between Mexico and The United States. These countries get most of their exports from each other. The United state gets over a billion dollar worth of goods, and most of the goods go to Texas. Problems with NAFTA can result from a withdrawal from trade goods with Mexico and Canada. This can cause the Texas economy to go low and cause a loss of jobs across Texas. The consideration of creating barriers will put people to suffer, and our economy will decline.


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