Case Study Analysis of Three Employees Responses to Coaching Sessions

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Case Study Analysis of Three Employees Responses to Coaching Sessions

Drawing from three detailed employee profiles, this essay would provide an in-depth examination of their work behaviors, motivations, challenges, and professional growth trajectories. Through these individual stories, broader insights about workplace dynamics, management styles, and employee satisfaction might be gleaned. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Analysis topic.

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The following is a case study analysis of three employees responses to coaching sessions following their notable drop in performance in company sales work. Mark Arbaro, the new sales manager has introduced a new system of performance management that seeks to subject employees who receive below average rating to coaching sessions.Analysis through the Expectancy theory of motivationAccording to (Nuttin, 2014), the expectancy theory of motivation suggests that an employer can motivate an employee based on the ability and willingness to deliver the desired outcome.

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There are the ABLE and WILLING options. It is however hard to determine by one parameter independently and hence the two parameters work in combinations. An employer therefore needs to determine whether an employee is

  1. Able and willing
  2. Able but not willing to work
  3. Unable but willing
  4. Unable and unwilling Anya Majka Anya is a hard worker and one who is dedicated to her work ethic.

She reads her materials thoroughly and does all that is possible to meet her sales targets which she has been attaining in the past. However, and according to her, there is a there is a bad economic environment that has affected her sales over recent rendering her not able to meet expectations.

According to her past performances, Anya is able to do her sales and attain her targets. She is also willing to continue working for the company and therefore it is expected her motivation should be high according to the predictions of the expectancy theory. If the company does not seek to intervene and experience with Anya, her motivation could be deteriorating steadily. Anyas behavior is also being influenced by the instrumentality aspect of the expectancy theory. Instrumentality means that there is some expectation of reward by the employee if there is satisfaction of the expected performance (Miner, 2015).

The company should seek to know what is wrong with Anya and what kind of experiences she has had so as to know how to motivate her.According to HRmars, training and development has to be well planned if they are to bear any fruits. For instance, there must be proper timing of the sessions as well as good planning regarding the tools to be used and the questions to be employed. If anything, the questions should be open ended and ones that seek more information. Anya is so positive about his job but is not fascinated by the training sessions mainly because they are to be conducted on Saturdays.

Anya is very aware that Saturdays are usually rest days. There is therefore the evidence that there is poor timing of the sessions and may lack of involvement of the subjects. Anya is also not happy that it is the sales manager who will be performing the sessions. In this case the company should seek to use outsourced experience personnel to perform the training sessions. Such a person will be easy for the employees to deal with and they will be ready to commit all information that could prove important.Organizational CommitmentOrganizational commitment is the bond that exists between the employees and the organization. If the bond is strong, there is higher commitment by employees in conducting their duties (Wood & Wilberger 2015).

Anya Majka is determined to achieve regardless of the situation that is existing economically. There is a good connection between any and the company and hence there is organizational commitment in her. When there exists organizational commitment, there is determination and employees are proactive in matters of the company. the level of commitment that Anya portrays is affective commitment given that she is ready to do anything possible to turn things on the positive side.Michael BenjaminMichael is a lazy employee who thinks sales is all about rest and little endeavor. He is the type of an employee that the expectancy theorem describes as NOT ABLE and NOT WILLING. According to the expectancy theorem, the employer should do away with the employee or accept the risks that are associated with the conduct of the employee.

It is however not advisable to accept the risk since it can be very costly to the company. In this specific case study, Michael sometimes misses appointments with clients basically because he doesnt care. He misses to produce good customer satisfaction reports and hence the company is risking destroying its image to clients and consequently risking losing clients to competitors. Benjamin lacks almost all of the aspects. These aspects include instrumentality, valence, expectancy and motivational force. In case the company does not want to get rid of the employee, it should seek to engage the employee in an open ended coaching session and implore on what has been wrong so as to seek the right method of motivation.

Human Resource Management Academic Research Society (HRmars)According to HRmars the role of human resource management is to develop competencies among employees and develop competitive advantages that help in competing with rivals and hence enabling strategic management. For strategic human resource management to happen, the organization has to focus on various aspects such as competency, organizational structure and performance. Lack of satisfactory performance by the employees necessitates training and development of the workforce so that they can deliver the desired results. Coaching sessions being introduced by Mark are a good example of training and development. According to HRmars, in the current globalization status, employees must learn to improve on their performance if the company is to compete and earn profits(Knowles et al., 2014).

Benjamin is a big liability in this company given that he is unconcerned in his dealings and even thinks he is doing what he is not supposed to do. He thinks that he would work a little and rest more. Benjamin lacks interest on his side and the company has failed to follow and monitor him correctly. There should a proper mechanism that the company has designed to monitor and evaluate all employees as well as tracking their performance and insisting on their improvement (Knowles et al., 2014). Also there should a way rewarding employees based on what they sacrifice to do and what extra that they bring on board. Maybe, if there was a monetary motivation scheme that rewards the best sellers Benjamin could work harder on realization that he is the limitation of his success.Michael Benjamin is not at all committed to the company. He does not show any sense of motivation or determination to keep moving together with the company. The only thing that keeps Benjamin in work is the guilt that comes with leaving fellow colleagues and the feeling that they may be exposed to more pressure when he leaves. He therefore possesses normative commitment.

Kyle Sherbo is yet another employee who is affected by instrumentality. The fact that he has been one of the best employees in his department makes him believe that he was destined for promotion as a sales manager. According to the expectancy theory, there are three things that influence instrumentality trust, control and policies. The company may have trust in Kyle but the policies that the company embraces and the level of control that the owners want to remain in administrative issues may have maybe it difficult for Kyle.

Apart from control, Buddy junior had the belief that Mark, a graduate from Ryerson University would bring about new strategies given the heightened competitiveness that the company is facingKyle is the best asset of the three said salesmen given that he has shown what he can do over the last five years while topping overall charts for three years. He is able and willing to do his work but is demoralized that after all that he has not been promoted. Kyle attributes much of the success of the company to himself especially after mentoring Mark and guiding him into the operations of the company. According to HRmars any company should seek to protect and guard its best employees by doing everything to keep them. Kyle having earlier been a salesman has developed as one of the best salespeople and his performances require some recognition. It is not necessarily that Kyle should be made the next sales manager but the company could have promoted him to a better position or even increased his salary.

If anything, there was supposed to be clear information regarding who mark was supposed to be from the very beginning. Lack of clear information between employers and employees may lead to lack of mutual trust and may hamper operations (Knowles et al., 2014). Further, lack of effective communication between employees and management may have lead to Kyle looking for alternative employment. Kyle seems to think that there is no career growth in the company and the company has no intention to give control to different people other than kinsmen. The company should not let Kyle make the decision to leave since he is one of those people who understand the operations of the company best in the sales department.The organizational performance of the company is generally going down especially due to fierce competition from Frito- Lay and other rivals.

The company is struggling to maintain market share and lead to discouragement especially in the sales department. Kyle Sherbo is determined to leave the company since he feels that his connection with the company is at stake. There is therefore a poor organizational commitment between the company and Kyle. Kyle has continuance commitment which means that he only stays at the company only because he cant find a better employment at the moment.


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