Book ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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This book ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ was a very interesting read, to be honest. It narrates from the point of view of a young German World War 1 soldier named Paul Baumer who fights at the front and the hell that he had to endure with his comrades. At the ripe age of around nineteen the narrator, Paul and a few of his buddies voluntarily signed up all joyful to fight for their country. Well, that was a big lie to tell themselves.

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After weeks of physical and mentally breaking training, those heroic thoughts disappeared. Just a few of the other characters that were apart of Paul’s group were Stanislaus Katczinsky who was an older gentleman, Albert Kropp who was a classmate buddy of Paul, Muller another classmate, and Corporal Himmelstoss. The purpose of creating this novel is to talk about and create the image through the eyes of a kid who was at the front and the pain he had to go through in war.

Assuming the purpose behind the writing of this publication is to give more thought about the technical abuse the soldiers had to undergo through the war. If that is the purpose of the book, then I feel like he did a really good describing the stuff happening to and around the narrator. With all the descriptions he talks about it really reminded of all the pictures of World War 1 and all the chaos that it was. It seemed like the author stays task of the story just talking and showing the day in the life of a German World War 1 soldier. The martial evidence seems airtight because with a little deeper in-depth research I found out that the author himself Erich Maria Remarque was actually a German soldier during the first World War and fought on the western front. So, he probably wrote a lot of the things he encountered, felt, and saw. This title really contributes to these fields if you mean by the history field. Especially what we talked about with World War 1 for this week. The significance behind this novel I feel is just to show how hard it was for the men of all ages to be in the war and going through all the torture.

Well, basically what I am trying to say is this work is something that all historians should read or even history teachers should have their students read. It really shines another light on what was happening and what was going through the minds of soldiers during the war. It is a real page-turner for anybody who is into the whole history type of readings and I would definitely recommend this to others.

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