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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“The Fifth Commandment demands that people respect and protect human life in all it stages from conception through natural death” (Singer-Towns 187). Based on the Roman Catholic Church, abortion is a sin. Not only is it a sin though, it is also morally wrong. Abortion is the deliberate killing of an unborn child in the womb. Over one million abortions happen each year. Abortion is common around the world, however the U.S has the highest abortion rate and over 50% of abortions happen with women less than 25 years old.

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Abortion takes away from adoptions, causes distress to many people involved, and is morally wrong. Abortions are an act of evil, there are many methods and risks for an abortion, and many people don’t realize that they have other options. There are ways to avoid getting into a situation of having to think about abortion. Many people do not think about the repercussions of having a child until it becomes reality. Unplanned sex is a common cause as to why people find themselves in tough decisions such as abortion. Abortion could easily be prevented by protected sex. Although some cases are due to sexual harassment, abortion is not the right way to get out of a situation such as carrying a child.

A direct abortion is an essentially ending the life of an unborn child in the mother’s womb. This is considered a serious sin and against the Roman Catholic Church. The person who performs the abortion as well as the woman having the abortion are all involved of a serious sin against God and the killing of a child with a beating heart. Research shows that rarely an indirect abortion can occur. An indirect abortion is not considered an immoral sin deemed by the Catholic Church if the mother is very sick and needs surgery. If the pregnancy can cause a death to the woman and/or baby is only time an abortion is okay because the life of the mother needs to be saved or both the mother and child are at risk. In an article it states, “That in situations where the continuance of a pregnancy threatens the life of the mother a termination of pregnancy may be justified and that there must be adequate and safe provision in our society for such situations” (General, Synod. “BBC: Abortions.”).

By terminating a pregnancy, it allows the mother to have a chance at survival as well as gives her another chance at creating life and having a child of her own. 

Many people are not educated on when life truly begins. Having a clear understanding of when life begins would decrease abortions across the globe because most people would feel guilty killing a child they know is alive. When does life begin? That is a question we should not be asking ourselves and therefore a key reason as to why abortion is such a problem in society today. It is scientifically proven that life begins when a woman’s egg and a male’s sperm meet.This is better known as conception. However, many people don’t think this is when life starts.Instead, people believe life starts when there is a beating heart. After the sperm and the egg meet and a child is conceived, we grow with a beating heart, DNA, and form into a body. We grow limbs, muscles, have fingernails, and so on. Sadly, many people will argue that the first couple of weeks or months that we grow these features, the embryo is not a living human being. Also, many arguments are made that a woman has the right to do whatever she pleases with her body and the baby growing inside of her.

There is no argument that the child is hers and it is her body.However, science proves that the baby is separate from the mother’s body. Essentially, this means the baby has the right to its own body as well. Furthermore, the mother has no right to make the decision of aborting the child and taking the life of the baby away. Lastly, many argue that if the baby’s father is not present, or if they cannot afford the baby, then it is okay to abort the baby. This is not an excuse to kill a human being. Fathers are accountable for their actions. The two involved in the pregnancy chose to put themselves in a position to have a child. With this, the two involved must deal with the repercussions and not put themselves in a stressful situation both mentally and physically.
Many women are unaware of the damage they are doing to their bodies.

The stress caused on the body both physically and mentally goes unnoticed. If a woman chooses to have an abortion, she is putting her body at risk for medical conditions such as infection, damage to internal organs, and in some cases, death. Along with the many physical issues that an abortion could cause, abortions can also create emotional and mental issues as well. For example, after having an abortion a woman is very likely to feel guilty and depressed. Emotional damage could lead to eating disorders such as a significant increase or decrease in weight. Also, abuse of drugs or alcohol is a possible side effect of abortion. Furthermore, some might have suicidal thoughts. Moreover, by having an abortion, it can lead to problems in future pregnancies and she potentially might not be able to have a baby. This is because an abortion could do damage to the cervix, uterine lining, and other organs. Moreover, many people are not aware on how horrifying and terrible the process of an abortion is. A Saline injection in one way an abortion takes place.

A saline injection is when the baby is dehydrated and causes it to die of salt poisoning. Another process is known as suction abortion. In this process, a suction tears the body parts apart from the baby and sucks it through a hose. In an article, it states “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 67% of abortions performed in 2014 were performed at or less than eight weeks’ gestation, and 91.5% were performed at or less than 13 weeks’ gestation.” ( This means the baby already is developing and is forming bones in its body. That is a life that is being taken away. Not only are these processes of abortion immoral, but it is inhumane.

These processes hurt everyone involved. It is never okay to take the life of another human away just because they are inside someone. Not only does an abortion go against the Catholic faith, but these processes endanger the mother significantly. During the suction abortion, the baby may not be fully drained causing significant amounts of bleeding and infection. Why is something that is so disturbing legal in the United States? Why are people so quick to take the life away of an innocent child? These questions may never get fully answered, but it leaves me wondering why I am not doing more to help save the lives of many innocent babies as well as save mothers from serious health risks. 

When choosing to abort their baby, the people involved in having the child forget that adoption and other methods are available. Aiding women who find themselves in a pregnancy predicament can help prevent abortions, such as adoption and foster homes. Kristi Brown from Live Action News writes, “I firmly believe that one of the best things the pro-life movement can do is promote adoption” (Brown, Kristi. “Abortion vs. Adoption.”). However, the Church does not shun women away who have had abortions. The Catholic Church reaches out and forgives the women who have made these decisions and stand by them to assist them in their reconciliation. Pro-life supporters rally every year in hopes to end abortion. Abortion inflicts punishment on an innocent unborn child. Does this make it okay just because the child is unborn?

The answer must be no. It is unfair to allow people to determine whether a baby should be born or not just based on their own selfish needs and desires. Many people are not able to conceive a child and wish for nothing more than to have a child of their own. Many couples wait patiently to adopt a child to take care of. Often at times, an unplanned pregnancy will result in a panic from both the mother and the father. Teenage pregnancy is common. It is also very common for most of these people to abort their child due to lack of money or support from family members. In these situations, the two might not be able to take care of the child or the mother and father might not even be together. It is disappointing that in these hard times,mothers think that an abortion is an easy fix to their “big problem”. However, they are very wrong. Adoption is overlooked immensely. Not only is adoption significantly cheaper, with abortion ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, but it is also safer. With adoption comes the ability for the parents to see the child if they choose to and nobody is hurt mentally or physically. Research finds that most mothers after abortion feel regretful and uneasy. If more mothers were given the facts about adoption, abortion rates would decrease.
The Law of Love explains that conflicts should be resolved without using violence. Women should recognize that they are harming their own child using a method of violence. In some cases, a child is conceived due to terrible acts of rape or incest. “aborting a child conceived in rape simply answers violence and injustice with even greater violence and injustice” (usccb. “Life Matters: Abortion.”). At no point should a child ever be judged based on how or when they were conceived. In addition, no child should be stripped of the gift of life because of the cruel actions of another. There are countless stories of people who are born because of sexual assault who go on to make a huge impact in the world. Imagine if these people were never born because they were aborted? What would our world be like? It never registers with people that those who were born through sexual assault is also someone’s mom or dad, friend, aunt or uncle, or mentor.

The moral of this is that never should abortion be considered a fair act especially because of how the child was conceived. By aborting because of incest or rape is showing that it is the child’s fault, not the perpetrators fault. At no point should the child be punished because of unfairness to the mother. Two wrongs do not make a right. Every child is unique and a child of God. The Catholic Church wants us to protect human life from the moment we are conceived until the moment we die. We should love and honor everything about our bodies and have enough respect for ourselves as well as the living baby inside of us to continue with the pregnancy because at the end of the day, there are always better, safer options.

Why is abortion legal? Why do we continue to allow such a horrific act take place? Philosopher David Boonin, author of A Defense of Abortion, writes: “A human fetus, after all, is simply a human being at a very early stage in his or her development (David Boonin, A Defense of Abortion). All in all, humans are all the same. They are all equal. Pro- choice activists pride themselves and on giving all the power to the mother. We must be reminded that the child inside the mother is just as valuable as the mother herself.

In no case should abortion ever be legal especially if it is because of a birth defect. Research shows that many women seek abortions once they learn about birth defects of the child within the pregnancy. According to an article written by TakePart, “An Indiana legislative committee advanced a bill to ban the option to have an abortion based on gender preference or discovery of fetal disabilities.” (TakePart). If this bill is passed, Indiana will be only the second state to not allow abortions based on birth defects. Although it is not much, it is a change in the right direction. It is sad to see that mothers are even willing to kill their child just because it will be born with a defect. With this being said, “researchers have found that a consistent majority of women—up to 90 percent—with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome choose to terminate the pregnancy, according to a 2012 study.” (TakePart). This continues to be a sensitive topic tomany.

Pro-Life supporters as well as disability advocates, rally and support the chance of life for everyone. Although caring for a child with a birth defect such as down syndrome costs a lot of money in the long run, at the end of the day it is still a life and at no point should a life be taken away because of cost. Whether the parents are spending thousands on a basketball lessons or thousands on medicine or health care, it is all the same money being spent. So, why is the person with the birth defect looked down upon? Or better yet, why is it okay to spend all that money on a star athlete, but a down syndrome will be looked down upon and not worth the money? Many parents do not want their child to suffer, nor do they want to see the child suffering, so instead of even giving the child a chance at life, they terminate the baby before it is even born. Once again, this is morally wrong. At no point should a child be unloved or killed because of an issue it may have.

“The best legal argument against abortion can be seen in the case of Roe v. Wade. It violated standard legal reasoning. The Supreme Court decided not to decide when life begins and then turned around and overturned the laws of 50 different states.” (ProbeMinistries). In the Roe Vs Wade case, abortion was protected by the privacy rights and deemed women the right to abort a child if they please. Since the Roe Vs. Wade case, there has been many laws set in place as to when an abortion can take place or who it can be done by. However, the fight to end abortion continues. Determining whether congress is pro- choice or pro-life is unclear. Congress has not had to address abortion laws due to the Roe Vs. Wade case in decades. Although Pro-choice advocates have the upper hand, Pro-life supporters continue to try to get congress to pass laws to get this changed. March for life is an organization that allows Pro-life believers to advocate their case. March for life is a pro- life event held in Washington D.C every year. The goal is to continue to fight for life and inform the public on how Roe v. Wade can be overturned once and for all. Through the March for Life, people can come together to help cause a change to this awful act.

For women who do not want a child, they should consider birth control or abstinence. This puts nobody at harm and reduces the health risks that come along with an unplanned pregnancy leading to abortion. Often, people are careless during sex and have a“this cannot happen to me” mentality. This is where people go wrong and causes people to have to make tough decisions regarding their body. Because people chose to have unprotected sex, many children are conceived leaving the parents in a predicament. Once in this situation, it would be essential for the parents to take into consideration that this is a result of their lack of protection against this scenario. By no means is this the child’s fault, nor should the child ever be blamed. Unplanned pregnancies usually occur when the mother is young or not financially stable to take care of a child.

Along with many other issues that happen globally, abortion plays a part in reducing overpopulation. Families choose to abort their child for many different reasons. For example, some wish to not have a bigger family then they already have. It is unacceptable for killing to be the result to these predicaments. With the many disagreements and differences we have globally, we cannot disregard the action being done. An interview was done by where a woman who is pro-choice was asked why it cannot be referred to as Pro-abortion. Her answer mirrored what the truth is. She stated “Well, youknow, it’s a tough thing to kill your baby!” (LifeFacts). This brings us to the conclusion that everyone needs to realize. Abortion is unquestionably wrong. The most basic right there is the right to life.

By committing to having an abortion, a woman takes away that child’s right before it even has a chance at seeing the world. Furthermore, Pro- lifers contradict themselves sometimes by using the personally statement. It is unfair for these people to say they would not have an abortion, but it is okay for the person to the right or left of them to engage in such manner. At no point should we let our neighbors partake in something we would not participate in.

By educating ourselves on abortion and the human body we can stop abortion one at a time. By not taking part in Pro-choice events we can make a difference. How is it that it is legal to kill an unborn child, but murder is illegal? It is the same exact thing, and both are morally wrong. By being aware of the effects it has on society and on the body. It is important to challenge others to rethink their assumptions and beliefs on abortion. A key factor is to be open minded when deciding if abortion is right or wrong. By speaking out against abortion and relaying the message that all lives matter, it will help others realize the importance of life and give further generations on insight on the difference between right and wrong regarding abortion. Abortion continues to be a topic of discussion and a global issue with both sides far from each other in beliefs. In order to change the views of the Pro- choice activists, the law must be changed to give them a perspective on how horrible the act is.

By taking away easy access for abortions to be performed, we would be limiting the number of unborn babies killed each year. According to the Guttmacher Institute, “in 2014 90% of counties in the United States had no abortion provider. Estimates of women who obtained abortions in 2005 indicate that 25% traveled at least 50 miles, and 8% traveled more than 100 miles. Eight states were served by fewer than five abortion providers. North Dakota has only one abortion provider.” (ThoughtCo). With this, abortions can be reduced significantly if women do not have the proper transportation to get to these abortion facilities.

Furthermore, this forces young women to sit down with their parents and have the tough conversation. Often at times, young adults are scared to have these tough conversations with their parents because teen pregnancy is something often looked upon as being shameful. Due to this, teenagers panic and want to take the quickest, easiest way out, which is abortion. In addition, some people try self- abortion with toxic substances or sharp items. The effects of self-abortion are very harmful, and research shows it causes many deaths across the globe. Today, the media does a good job and showing teens that teen pregnancy is accepted. It is important for all people to be comfortable with their situation and not be afraid of looking down upon.

All in all, abortions can be prevented by understanding the faith that God gives to us and keeping him at the center of all our relationships with each other and the humans that are conceived. We must live by the good morals we are taught and have respect for the gift of human life. If we are taught by our parents the value of having good morals, then we will know the differences between right and wrong decisions and know the significance life has on this earth. Abortion is the wrong decision. No life should be decided to be taken away based on the mistakes of others or bad living situations. It is determined that the child does not choose how they are brought into this world, so it is not their fault on how they were conceived. It is important to recognize that other options are available and to keep in mind that many lives can be saved by choosing other ways to deal with pregnancy. By having an abortion, we are going against God and the Catholic Church laws and values. It is important to take care of the human body and not put anyone in danger.

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