Reasons the Constitution of Texas should be Rewritten

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The constitution of Texas was written in 1876 but this constitution is not successful in this modern time. Rules and set of protocols which are written in this constitution are not valid for urban Texas these rules need to be amended. From the time of the adoption of this constitution, a total number of 653 amendments were proposed and out of these 653 a total of 474 amendments were approved by the voters and 179 were rejected.

Some ?urrent political issues in Texas politics Budget

The Financial department stated that 8.

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5% of the overall economic output is based on the Oil and natural gas. Texas’s economy is getting low due to the downfall in the prices of oil and natural gases. In the last session of the year 2015, lawmakers projected the budget surplus by 4 billion dollars, but it may reduce now due to the downfall in the price of oil and natural gas and low state revenue generation.

Politicians are committing to preserve more funds for the rainy day scheme yet 10 billion dollars are already surplus in this scheme. It will become more difficult to undercover the rising medical expense. Also, it will be difficult to manage the expenses of foster care that is already in the problem. Government officials have started to cut down the taxes on property which will result in more loss of revenue to the state.

Immigration Texas is facing the problem of immigration. Due to continuous immigration, the state budget is increasing. Texas government want more than 1 billion dollars to secure the borders. A crackdown on the immigration will cut down the state budget expenses.

Transgender Issue Texas is already going against the President Barrack Obama’s statement, which allows the transgender student to use the public school toilets. With the lawsuit, Texas has temporarily blocked the Barrack Obama’s directive on the transgender bathroom. Some of the Republicans are now demanding the same ban on all public toilets in Texas.


According to the law, abortion is the ban after the 20-week pregnancy. Now, some legislators are trying to move the ban by few weeks. On the other side, some of the Republicans are demanding a complete ban on abortion except some fatal cases. Abortion should be done in the case of abnormities or if there is any health issue of the mother.

Methods used by politicians to present their proposed solution to these issues

On state budget issue, politician Greg Abbott suggested beginning a process by which the state’s debt should be lowered down. He has suggested limiting the size of the government bodies and to increase the independence of the individual. To protect the revenue, government bodies should be limited from growing big. In an anti-abortion rally, where 1500 peoples were present, George P.Bush stated that his ideas are to promote the life and the schools and I will continue to advocate these issues throughout my whole life.

On the immigration issue, Republican governor Greg Abbott’ ordered to deploy more 500 state troops and Texas Rangers to secure the border from Syrian immigration. Also, another Republican David Dewhurst’ has triple the police patrolling on the border.

Republican Dan Patrick’ has demanded a complete ban on the transgender to use any public washroom.

Solutions of the issues as the citizen of Texas

Texas is facing many political issues due to the irregularities in the constitution. Some of the issues which have been addressed in this article are state budget, immigration, abortion and the transgender issue. First, of all the problem of immigration should be deal. Government is spending 1 billion dollars every year on the immigrant. These immigrants need to be stopped by safeguarding the Texas-Mexico border. This will cut down the surplus spending in the state budget. Rainy day scheme has 10 billion dollars in surplus, so there is no need to add more funds in this scheme. The fund which some Republican wants to give to rain day scheme should be used for the improvement of the education system and foster cares.

Abortion is also a major problem in Texas. On this issue, my opinion is same as some Republicans. Few weeks should be added and the facility of abortion should be given to the women who are facing health and life threats during pregnancy. As the citizen of Texas, there should be an equal right to every citizen. There should be no discriminations on the bases of gender, caste and creeds. So, equal rights on everything should be given to the transgender. There should be no discriminations.

How students would promote their adopted solutions to the issues.

As a student and citizen of Texas, it is our responsibilities to address the issues. If one has the solution to any issue, then there are many ways to promote in this digital time. Information technology is the best way to promote our views. We can use the social sites to raise the voice and suggest the solutions. We can use the web portals of the government bodies to give our solutions on any issues. Mass media is also a way to promote our solutions. We can use the newspaper media. Besides these, creating social awareness is the best way. We have to create awareness among youth. Youth is the major building block of a nation. We have to create the awareness of national issues in the youth.`

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