Autoethnography on Misrepresentations of Male Body Dysmorphia



Dysmorphia is a disease that mostly attack men and teenagers. It is always hard for people with this disease to accept the defects. It is mostly caused by self-reflection, due to differences in appearance and acceptance in the society. The disease has the defect in skin, hair, nose and body appearance. People with this disease spent a lot of time to try to control the disease. The researcher said that the disease is mostly caused by brain differences, differences in brain structure which is abnormalities. The disease is also said to be transmitted from one generation to another to those people sharing the same blood. Additionally, environment contributes to this disease especially child abuse in the society. Depression and anxiety are also the Couse of BDD, mostly to those people with the stress they suffer a lot. This disease affects people both mentally and physically.

These are the factor that mostly causes the disease:

Firstly, abuse and bullying are considered to be the cause of BDD. Bullying and child abuse can cause the disease, when a child is abused in the society tend to develop a negative self-image (Cafri et al, 374). This may cause the child to have obsessions about her appearance, this may contribute a lot to the development of dysmorphia. Bullying can also contribute to this, bullying tends to make the child think he/she is not acceptable in the society, this may cause him to have negativity toward him and develop dysmorphia disease. In this case abuse and bullying it can cause BDD disease, both abuse and bullying they course negative self-image mostly to men.

Low self-esteem is another case self-esteem is having confidence and self-assurance. Low-self-esteem cause obsessed on traits of appearance that you want to improve. This mostly affects those people who feel they appearance is most valuable. People with this character may suffer a lot in dysmorphia. The reason is that, if they meet someone better than them they will develop negativity toward them and hence having the dysmophia disease. This disease mostly affects the mind, and those people who try to compare themselves with other and value other people than they do, they can easily develop the disease. This is seen in stage two where the character feeling to value other peoples then him. She feels unworthy when comparing himself with other.

In addition, Fear of being alone or isolated is another cause of dysmorphia. We find that the character in stage two she is feeling that she doesn’t fit into a group of people. Feeling lonely or isolated contribute a lot to BDD. The person may develop negativity feeling that he/she doesn’t worthy to a certain group of people. This course they person to isolate himself and start thinking what makes the other people more valuable than him, the person may also develop depression in the process and hence suffer to dysmorphia. We find that the character in the stage two trying to fix himself at least to fit other people which she found it’s not easy. It true isolation or feeling lonely may lead to dysmorphia, isolation course depression and stress which contribute a lot to this disease.

Moreover, perfectionism is another case. It’s an act of setting high-performance standards. This act of trying to comparing the appearance and performance with other contribute a lot to dysmorphia. We find that the character in stage two saying that people are nothing, this show that she is the best than others. This mostly affects the person of this traits when he/she meet a person who is perfect than him, the person will develop stress and feel so down. Effect of this disease is mostly coursed by mental, having this perfectionism character will affect the mind and develop stress and hence the person will suffer to this disease.

Additionally, anxiety and depression are also considered to be the course of the disease, if the person is suffering in mental disorder may develop BDD disease. The anxiety may be the course of life challenges example financial and family disputes may contribute a lot to this disease. We find that the character in stage two she has pressure abut life living style and socialization with people. This may lead to BDD disease, where they person due to lack of motivation and support in life may develop depression and hence develop the disease (Olivardia, 254). This is true because development of depression in life is mostly coursed by life pressure lack of support, the person may feel lonely and tend to see himself not worthy.

The person may also develop negativity by seeing himself a failure and hence develop BDD disease.The environment is another tragedy, environmental pressure such as pressure from the society and environment itself. Society pressure can also contribute to the BDD disease, due to social expectations may result to depressions to some people in the society. Most people in the society tend to judge children as they grow, they compare them from other family and they start selecting while ignoring others. This course some people to depression and stress. The child being judge always feel not worthy to the society and feel isolated from other. This case can course stress and affect the child development hence the children suffer to dysmorphia.

Some research says that BDD disease is mostly through inheritance. People suffering from this disease are said that they share the common ancestor. The disease is passed from one generation to another. Such believe may contribute a lot to this disease, the reason is that if one person suffers some family will have fear and have stressed that they may develop the disease. This may be true because the disease is sometimes caused by traits which are mostly passed from one generation to another. It’s hard to control genetic disease because they are inside the gens. ConclusionIn conclusion, dysmorphia disease is the serious condition that mostly affects men. Body dysmorphia disease is a disease that most people are hard to accept when having it.

The disease symptom is depression, eating disorders and abnormalities. The disease can also increase to high risk of suicide if not treated. The disease is said to be coursed by child abuse or bullying, environmental pressure, anxiety, and perfectionism. The disease can be treated if not it can lead to death. My point of view is that the disease is mostly coursed by self-reflection, whereby the person trying to compare himself with other. This trait result to depressions and hence developing dysmorphia. The disease mostly is due to mental defect.

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