As i Grow up i Will Follow these Rule to be Happy

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Updated: Jul 01, 2021
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As i Grow up i Will Follow these Rule to be Happy essay

Growing up is fun and a great challenge for everyone. As you grow, you will encounter a lot of challenges in life and you will be asked to make decisions. Growing up, we have our parents as our guide in making decisions based on the values set forth by them. There are times when their decision is likely the opposite of what we like and what we want but it is very important to listen to their advice because even if it may sound so annoying that they kept on repeating it countless times those pieces od advice should be pondered on for it will help you in making wise decisions.  

Amidst the process of growing up, it is a must to develop our valor. Learn to take risks so that you will be able to face all the challenges in life. Fortitude keeps you from giving up and helps you understand things from a wider perspective. It also pushes you to do what is right and good even in the midst of trials, fears, and difficulties. It is normal to feel fear sometimes but being courageous does not mean having any fears. Courage means not letting your fear stop you from doing what you love and what you have to do. Taking responsibility for your actions and admitting your mistakes, sometimes can be difficult at all. Everyone makes mistakes and others might make fun of them. The thing about making mistakes is that you can do something about it like being courageous enough to admit your faults and tell the truth. In every action’s there are always consequences. If you feel embarrassed or ashamed of the mistake you commit, the best thing to do about it is to apologize and be honest to admit the wrong you have done.

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When you have made a mistake, always remember to work at correcting it. Looking at the brighter side of you made is that it makes teaches you a lesson. So never feel bad whenever you made a mistake because it is one of the essentials in growing up and become a better individual. One will grow in embracing humility. For some students getting high grades, winning some school competitions are considered successes but everybody should know that these competitions also teach children to be humble and persevering. A winner is seen as being great yet grateful for the honor received and never letting success go to his or her head. If success goes to one’s head, then one will surely become an arrogant and naughty that who thinks he or she is a  better person than the other and one who thinks that one never makes a mistake. No one wants to have a friend who only thinks of himself or herself as the greatest and brightest that will lead to the loss of friends. In every competition, some win and some learn. You never really lose in a competition, you just learn and work hard when you want to achieve something. Remember that making a mistake is part of achieving success. You may become a winner and become successful but never brag and never look down on other people because when a person who is humble, simple, and kind will achieve more blessings and achievements in life. 

When one wants to grow, a person never thinks of giving up. Think of it, how would you learn if you will never make a mistake? How will you win in life if you will just let your mistakes just stay a mistake and never turn it into knowledge? One mistake or one loss will never define you and your future. Never think of giving up, because with the help of challenges, mistakes, and hard times you will grow. As we go through in life, we will face obstacles and challenges. Despite all the hardships, still life goes on, so one must continue no matter how difficult the road may be. At a young age, one must develop openness in accepting these trials in life. Remember that after a storm there comes a rainbow. You should never lose hope. Always remember that every difficult situation has its own purpose, which will make you a stronger and better person. In this busy and chaotic world, some may find themselves feeling various emotions all at the same time, thinking of different things that will lead to overthinking which makes a person feeling stressed, tired, pressured, anxious at all times. Some individuals cannot handle the quick pace of life in this world, so they tend to escape or surrender. 8 However, giving up is not a choice or a wrong thing to do. Instead, you should stop thinking about the negative things around you and start to think positively. Keep in mind that something good is going to happen each day so you have to start your day with a smile and a positive vibe.

Most things in life work because of open-mindedness. People have to be open-minded in order for them to grow. According to Urban Dictionary, “open-mindedness is when even if you think you are right, you know that you can be wrong and are always willing to listen to and hear an opposing or contradictory view. Open-minded people have views but know that their views do not have to be held by everyone. Open-minded people also know that their views can be wrong.” Just like growing up, you need to be open-minded, you have to accept others’ view.

How will a person grow and learn if you will not accept and understand others’ opinions and criticisms? Open-mindedness creates an equal society, it makes people practice humility and can help the Spirit of God to work in you. 11 It is always good to be strong in your beliefs but it is still best when you consider other people’s thoughts and feelings as well. Misunderstanding arise when you refuse to be open-minded and insist on your personal preferences. Life is full of ups and downs, open-mindedness can help you get through life with much more ease and then there. You can be molded into a much better person only if you are open.

Patience is the ability to wait and to endure even if circumstances are difficult. It makes you continue and not be tempted to give up. Yes, you may fail a thousand times but if you are patient, you will get the reward that you deserve. Life is all about waiting. It trains people to be patient and to persevere. Even if something is difficult, you continue working on it. You do not stop; neither do you give up. Patience and perseverance are like twins who are closely related and are always helping each other out. Just like growing up, it takes time. The more you are able to handle more challenges the better your life would be and the better person you would become. You will never see someone who will instantly grow. It takes sweat and blood to shape and mold someone to be a better person. Be patient and persevere because everything takes time. Believing in God is one way of growing. It is amazing how good things can happen without people making them happen. Someone great and powerful makes a miracle occur. There are events that happen that you sometimes do not understand.

Many unusual events happen to us and we do not have an explanation for that and then later on we realize that we are protected and saved from all the bad things happening to us by God. All through these unusual events, God speaks to us every day in different and so many ways. When we pray for something and do not receive it, we start to lose hope and think that he does not care for us. But long after, we get surprised that bigger and better things have happened to us unexpectedly. God is speaking to us through the things that happen in our lives. When a door closes, a new one opens for us. All He wants is for us to do good deeds and with this, we grow and become better individuals. Let us do good and be a miracle to others.  You will never grow if you do not have compassion for others. It simply means you have a genuine love and care for others. Feeling compassion toward a person means that you can feel and understand his or her emotions. Being compassionate can be difficult at times especially when dealing with insensitive and rude people. The world is full of complicated problems. Oftentimes, this leads us to focus on ourselves and we tend to forget others’ well-being. Instead of losing your compassion, let these troubles spur you into action. Just like growing up, we need to think of others too, we need to care for others too because they are part of what and who we will become. The easiest way to build a good relationship with others is by listening. Just by connecting with them and letting them express themselves to someone who understands can already mean a lot for people in need and this will make a huge difference in their lives.

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