Art : Mona Lisa

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Art is the skill and imagination exercise by the expression of human creativity. We have seen different kinds of art like painting and sculpture that has amazed us throughout our life. There are lots of historical art in this world which were created by some of the legendary artists. Among that Mona Lisa artwork of Leonardo da Vinci is also listed as one of the greatest, famous and amazing artwork of all time.

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Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest artists of all time. He was an Italian Polymath who was interested in painting, sculpting, music and even also in science. Some of his artworks which are still alive today are The Last Supper, Salvator Mundi, Lady with an Ermine and Bacchus. Among these artworks, Mona Lisa is also one of his greatest artwork of all time.

Mona Lisa is one of the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci. This painting was created in 1503. The height of the painting is 77 cm and the length is 53 cm long. Leonardo da Vinci used oil as a medium to paint Mona Lisa. Today this painting can be found in Paris, France at Musee du Louvre.

According to the picture, it looks like Mona Lisa is seated in the chair on a balcony. The position of her body shows that she is there in the balcony to take a picture. Mona Lisa is in black clothes which are very plain and simple. The dress itself has exposed her chest with a low neckline. She is not wearing any kind of jewelry. Her hair looks black and dark. It looks like her hair is covered by mourning veil.

The color that we can see in the picture is yellow, gray, blue, black, brown and green. Among these color, yellow can be seen throughout the picture. The skin of the Mona Lisa is painted by yellow. The sky itself looks mixed with green, blue and yellow color the lake in the background is blue in color. We can see a forest which is green in color. There is rocks, hills, and mountain which are mixed with red, green and yellow color. The dress of Monalisa is black and we can also spot a yellow color in her dress around the hand and the neckline.

The background picture behind Mona Lisa shows how much Leonardo da Vinci loves the beauty of nature. He uses all the material like lake, mountains, hills, forest, and land that are the part of nature. This also makes the picture more beautiful and amazing. The light has been used in the picture to make it more focus and clear. It also defines forms and model to create a feeling of depth. He also used the light to make the outline drawn in the picture disappear.

The facial expression of Mona Lisa in the picture shows that she looks happy but her eyes also tell us how she is focused on one particular thing. She is not looking straight but sideways. She looks beautiful with a thick nose between her two eyes. She has a big forehead and also tiny lips. Her lips are shaped like a quarter moon.

Time has changed and we don’t have to go to France to watch this painting. This painting has become famous and can be found anywhere. It can be found on the internet, book, article and even in the newspaper. This is only the picture of a girl for a normal person but it is worth so much that if we look at this picture deeply than we will be able to find the message and also the meaning provided by Leonardo da Vinci.

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