Army Values: why it is Important to Implement them

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The purpose of this essay is to explain the Army Values, what they represent, and why it is important to implement them. The seven Army Values are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Together they represent what being a Soldier should be about. These values apply to everyone and in every situation throughout the Army. We go through the process of knowing what the values are and we learn to live by them throughout the time there.

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These values introduced to us the moment we step into Basic Combat Training (BCT). Throughout the years, people change the way they perceive these values in a good or bad way. The Values are important because that is what makes us Soldiers, which is why we should implement them at all times even in our civilian lives, because we represent a Soldier 24/7, on and off duty and on and out of uniform.

The Army Core Values consist of seven principles; together they represent Leadership and a Soldier in and out of uniform. The Army Values are like moral principles we are taught to rely on and live by every day. Even when we think we are not living by them we are. We always tend to refer to those values back and forth. For Example, you show Loyalty by having your battles back in the military and loyalty towards your loved ones at home. When fulfilling all your obligations in both your military and civilian life you are showing duty. Respect goes a long way of treating someone the way you want to be great regardless of your rank or position in both your military and personal life. Setting goals and making sure you do everything in order to accomplish what you have set for you lead towards selfless service. Living the army values and taking pride in what you do is Honor towards the uniform you wear and the country you represent. Integrity is doing the right thing at all time’s whether you are being watched or being unsupervised. Personal courage: is overcoming your personal obstacles. These values give you a good perspective of a soldier, it shows you their determination, level of respect and discipline in all aspects.

The values have been around for a while; Soldiers live by these values, every time we are in a military environment and even outside the military, in our everyday life. According to the Values, we are examples of leaders, role models, and heroes. Many people look up to us, when they see uniform they thank us for our service because many have sacrifice something if not everything to set up that image of a Soldier. All the values are important and play a huge role in the Army and our daily lives. One thing is memorizing all seven values but another thing is to know what they mean and put them into action. What makes the Soldier a good role model is actually applying the Values in their lives the right way. Soldiers have their own understanding of the values. For example, what respect means to me, might not mean the same to you. A good Leader with rank will respect any civilian, officer or lower enlisted not caring about their rank/ position. A bad example of a leader would be a higher ranking Soldier looking down on a lower enlisted because they may feel like they have more power than that soldier does. It is up to the Soldier to do the right thing at all times and show honor in the uniform they wear.

It is important to implement these values in both our military and civilian lives because we represent a Soldier 365 days a year even if you are not Active Duty. Although, a Reservist is not a fulltime Soldiers they still represent the Army and are not an exception to the values. We are Soldiers with and without the uniform. Those that know that you’re serving in the military set higher expectations for you. They automatically see discipline in you and respect you. As Soldiers, we want to implement that Sharp image at all times. By maintaining our uniform, physical shape, and the way, we talk. For example, try to limit our foul language and demonstrate leadership everywhere. Military barrier comes in handy this is when soldiers know when and where they should act professional and show respect. There are a time and place for everything and s we maintain that discipline.

In Conclusion, The 7 army values are important to Soldiers because that is the image we are set to represent being in the military. We are to live by these values every day, day and night and all throughout our career. In the military we are a huge family, therefore, we are to respect each other and conduct ourselves in a good manner at all times. We are to take pride in the uniform because that is what we signed up. In order to become an effective and successful leader, we must implement these values and teach others to do so as well. Knowing these values is the first step and it is important to enforce these values to create a positive environment. This creates positive relationships within the training environment.

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