Are we Living are Potential?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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When were brought into this world we already have certain expectations asked from us. We are brought up to have patriarchy mentally we are influenced by the people around us. How is it that we are shifting from patriarchy to matriarchy what is making us shift are women being bolder or are men realizing that women can’t be controlled? Many things play into this like religion, tradition, and society. People don’t pay attention to these critically things that control our lives where in a cycle that probably only a few get to break out.

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Many walk there whole life’s with there eyes closed not paying attention to what has ruined us.

One of the things to keep many of us in line is religion because are family or friends embedded the idea of God into us that we see the world differently. On some occasions, I have met women that cook, clean and do everything for the man and I asked has your husband ever cooked or clean for you and almost always they say “no”. Many believe that they don’t have to do anything the reason is that men or people misinterpret what God is trying to say men believe they are higher than women. They believe this because the bible says, first comes God then Jesus than men afterward women and children. What’s wrong with this statement? Its that why are men above women god created a world for all us to be equal but, no that not how it is men put themselves on a high pedestal. Women aren’t seen to be more than a housewife but what if women ruled this world would it be different. ” In reality, however, a woman was quietly getting on with the task of securing a future for humanity-for it was her labor, her skills, her biology that held the key to the destiny of the race.”( Miles 3) If the world where run by women it will be more loving and nurturing compared to men there prideful as well anger within them which does not create a leader. For women,it’s more different because we are connected to the earth and to God in a way.That is why I don’t understand why men are in charge of how things run.

Why are we still in a patriarchal society? It’s a tradition that makes us continue the same cycle the reason no one wants to break traditions that go back thousands of years ago.When we break tradition a piece of us are broken in a way, tradition is connected to us in a way. The worst part is that women have been oppressed during the time and had to follow a man and not herself. “Women needed men to make babies and to move heavy objects, but otherwise she didn’t understand their purpose, much less appreciate their charms.”( Diamant 9) Even so many women wouldn’t step out of line because of tradition we wouldn’t break the cycle. Fear is what makes us stop us from doing it, it’s what hinders us because we are afraid of what people with saying we care about how the world sees us.

Have you ever woke up thinking about what to wear and changed it 4 times? Since an early age people have decided are life’s for us and many ideas we believe we make are own decisions. In reality, it wasn’t it was our parents and society. “We like to believe that we are free and autonomous individuals, but the truth is parents, teachers, bosses, politicians, and religious figures play a huge role in the decisions we make and how we choose to live our lives.” (Handel) We are made to believe every decision we take we have chosen it but, we have been influenced to choose that one. That is why many can’t break the cycle or live our own lives because we have this mentality that everyone chooses to be say a racist or a sexist but, don’t chose it. Is sexism or racism a chose sorry to say it isn’t it has been with us for thousands of years because of our ancestors. We are all influence sexism isn’t a choice many parents tell us from young age to see the world in different story.

Children at such a young age we don’t even let them be kids because we make them see things and understand on the world works but, why do they have to understand why can’t they decide how to see the world.“Because for men who are holding on for dear life to the traditional idea of what it means to be a man, feminism is a real threat- because it asks people to question traditional gender roles” (Valenti 188) People who are apart of the LGBT or are different skin color are viewed differently because we believe that people who are non- white are the outsiders.What if we didn’t care would this world be prettier and happier? We would never know sadly because there is always going to be hatred in this world which is so same tradition, and society does not create a safe place for people. Therefore you have yo focus on yourself stop the fear and overcome it and encourages others to do the same. We have to love ourselves and everyone else for there differences because that is what makes us unique we should hinder them to believe they are not perfect, no one in this world is perfect and we should have positive and love each other.

Are you going to be the person that says you don’t care about the society, tradition, and oppression? Are you going to be the outsider and see the world for its true colors? We let many people decided are life and influence us to be who we aren’t being gay, different skin color, or even having your own voice are we going to be silenced. No are we going to change tradition, oppression, sexism, and racism because we are women and men that can’t be silenced. Women are not going to live under men we are going to be equal or higher than men. No more patriarchy it all about matriarchy.

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