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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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There are variety of fruits with many appealing names around the world this far. But it is likely apple is the most known among many individuals on earth. The fruit contains small seeds inside and normally comes from variety of colors. It has commonly been used in various drawings illustrating its shape which is distinctively different from other fruits around the globe. Apples grow in some specific areas with suitable climates that favors its growth and does not necessarily grow anywhere as many would expect. Apple logo has in many instances been used by products around the world, and probably consists of logo of the leading computer industry using this fruit.

Christianity have attached a certain meaning about the fruit to the start of human kind and creation of man. Apple is also connected to many positive health benefits in the human body. Many companies would desire to adopt to a logo that would ensure buyers love their products. Around the world, companies have deployed marketers in the field to collect information concerning the impacts of logos in their products with the levels of sell they make every year (Gustin16). Different companies have used different logos, with some making it while others failing in the market.

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However, since many years back, apple company has enjoyed dominance in the computer and now is been integrated around the world as the best phone company around the globe. The company uses a special logo in every item of its kind and the global village has largely considered this as the best make of all times compared to other makes. Although the products bearing this logo don’t go cheaply in the market, it’s a clear merge to the real fruit which actually sells more expensive than others in the market (Arocha36). The emergence of apple company as the topmost computer suppliers in the world with the best gadgets in the market has ever put people to respect and love apple. Based on many perspectives, people consider and perceive apple logo as a special sign in the gadgets and which anyone would feel proud to use around people. We predict apple company will continue to grow and expand taking into account the increasing demand of its products in the markets around the world. Just as rare as the fruit is, it is symbolic of the company gadgets which are expensive and anyone would not acquire them by simple means.

Since the creation of mankind, it has well been documented in Christians bible that the first creation, Adam and Eve, tested a fruit from the forbidden tree which grew apple. This gives the fruit a greater significance to their faith aspect that makes them more aware of the fruit than others such as kiwi or even pears (Titus, 246). Also, Christians have a greater interest in the Adams apple as documented in the same bible during the mankind stay in the garden of Eden. Unlike other fruits famously known by people around the world, apple is well spread through its considerations by Christians as having contributed to the downfall of man.

Consequently, apple has over years been recommended to its benefits in the body as a fruit. First, it a sweet fruit with many people preferring to take it in place of other available fruits. Also, its appealing color gives every person a desire to take the fruit as compared to the others which are available for consumption during that time. It is a smooth, shiny and well-shaped fruit on the eyes. It contains vitamins which are basically useful nutrients in the human’s body.

Anyone would desire to have this fruit for eating although it rarely found especially in the rural areas where transportation is not good at all for apples. Unlike other fruits, apples can easily be stored but should be contained under low temperatures to keep it fresh. Even during its transportation for human consumption, apples are stored under refregarated enclosure to help keep them in good conditions which makes them stay harder and sweet for eating. As fruit of fruits, it is kept out of sun and protected through sprinkling water over it to keep it cold. As a fruit of fruit, just as many in the ancient have been believing, it has been used in prestigious sites even in the current world.Conclusion It is clear apples is a more important fruit to the people in the world.

Although it is sold expensively even its products and gadgets it produces, apple is still the leading company for credibility and high standards items from their companies. The spread and demand of apple items it different countries means apple companies will still be going to grow using its logo. The believe by Christians that apple took place during the garden of eve ordeal makes this idea about apple discussed over and over again. Generally, apple will continue to be important to human beings as they consider it an important fruit amongst others.


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