Alcohol One of the Oldest and most Common Recreational Substances

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The dangers of driving under the influence are a prominent problem that society is still having to deal with. From deadly accidents to hefty fines and prison time, the list of problems surrounding this violation of the penal code are as heavy as it can get. I read somewhere that in 2013, in the state of Texas alone, there was over 25,000 alcohol related crashes resulting in over 1,000 deaths… makes you think what measures are taken for the people that drink and drive to not do it ever again. Thankfully the legal system has found ways to deal with the people that fall into the hands of this offense (which keep changing year to year), but for some not even the most expensive fines to pay or longest probation periods would open their eyes to see how serious of a problem this is (For example: In Arizona, which is considered to be the state with the strictest DUI laws, first time offenders are required to have an ignition interlock device in their vehicles installed for one year minimum) and this may be because they are also blinded by their addiction.

Alcohol, one of the, if not the, oldest and most common recreational substances that single-handedly have taken a toll on most of the people that became addicted to it. Once someone reaches the point of alcohol intoxication there is no way of knowing how they will react to making logical decisions i.e., not having another drink or letting someone sober drive their vehicle… and if they get past that point of intoxication even death is a possible outcome from alcohol poisoning. Unfortunately the regulations for alcohol have been the same for a long time and it still remains legal for purchase (as long as the person buying it is above the legal age to buy it) and there is no way to make sure that it will be consumed in a moderate way. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous reach out to those affected by the addiction to alcohol and helps it’s members to stay sober and help others in need of advice to achieve sobriety.

Considering that alcoholism is considered to be a disease or illness, makes me think that the government should help the people that get in trouble with charges related to alcohol with more treatments and therapy, sure, they don’t joke when you read on the signs that say “D.W.I. You can’t afford it” if you think about it putting down a payment on a house, buying a car or an extremely rare guitar are way better options to spend $10,000 than paying for a D.W.I. but, I’ve met people that got more than one of those in their record, some up to three or more.

The high price to pay should make people think a little bit more before going out on a Saturday night to have a couple of drinks and maybe consider getting a designated driver or taxi for the way back home because definitively you do not want to get tangled up with this financial, emotional and time-wasting debt.

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