Issues Pertaining to Alcohol Abuse

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Updated: Apr 03, 2021
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The issues pertaining to alcohol abuse has become such a phenomena in our society. it affects the livelihood of millions of people everyday. public and private acceptance play a major role in why this has become such a major problem. other factors such as low socio-economic status, an adequate education, cultural norms, and many others are responsible for this. Possible solutions and preventative such as Rehabilitation treatment facilities and support groups have been put into place to try to combat this problem, especially with the New York City.

According to Lakeview health, the center for treatment and Recovery “ from 2009 to 2013, around 1.1 million New Yorkers above the age of 11 dealt with alcohol use for dependents and more than 900,000 adults above the age of 20 reported being heavy drinkers” This is such a dilemma if you really think about it.

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Considering the number amateur drinkers that means more than 70% of the New York population is affected by this issue let alone eating children being nearly an entire decade younger then the legal drinking limit. Statistics in this article also state that alcohol was a factor in 7,849 car accidents Statewide in the year 2014. this is a shocking Revelation to discover considering that research has also proven got the leading cause of vehicular deaths is caused by drinking. The healthy CUNY initiative at the CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College conducted a research study about the effects of alcohol in the environment particularly in East Harlem, located in Manhattan. in their research.

They concluded that about 57% of adults report drinking and at least 30 days and of those who drink, almost half, approximately 43% binge drink. Manhattan specifically had the highest percentage of binge drinkers than any other Borough. after conducting some background research on this dilemma, they have concluded that less advantaged neighborhood experience and more negative consequences of drinking compared to more affluent neighborhoods (Jones-Webb & Karriker Jeff, 2013).

In other words, people who live in neighborhoods that are more underdeveloped or consists of individuals of lower socioeconomic statuses are more prone to develop a drinking habit and those who come from neighborhoods that are that are off and the economic ladder. this goes to show that the environment in which a person lives in can lead to the development of alcoholism. Public and private acceptance of alcoholism is also prominent in our society particularly in New York City.

Private acceptance is deemed more conservative meaning that it is a practice that is done within closed doors where we are at Liberty to drink in our own houses whenever we want. no one is really watching over our shoulders to see what we are doing, therefore it would be easier to engage in such activity. Publicly however, Drinking alcohol is seem to be accepted within our society. It is especially social we acceptable among different races and cultures in New York City. New York City itself is a very diverse City. the public acceptance of alcohol is easily tolerated here. In fact, according to the research conducted at healthy CUNY initiative at Hunter College they found that in East Harlem in particular there were an abundance of grocery stores within the neighborhood, particularly on 96th Street alone that’s sold alcohol. within this particular area they found three liquor stores within one block radius.

Some liquor stores were even found in areas you wouldn’t even think there would be one. for example, when was found right outside of an outpatient substance abuse program. Another was also found three blocks away from a child returns toy store oh, and there was even one found right beside of church. All of this is to show how normalized this Society has made alcohol to be, it has indeed become a part of the cultural norm affecting many people of all ethnicities age groups and cultural backgrounds especially with in New York City. There are various risk factors associated with the development of alcohol addiction in our society. Risk factors such as family history of alcohol abuse, a lack of Education, low socioeconomic status, unexpected life circumstances or crises ( such as a death or another form of trauma).

Evidence gathered at the foundation recovery Network adore by Moses. Org stated that economic status is defined as the bracket or class a person or household falls into based on their income production level. it then goes on to mention that in 2012, around 122,459,000 how to hold an income during the year… 4.5% of them brought in 200,000 oh, well the rest and we brought in less than 39 $1,000 for the gross year (Elwell, 2014). This is a very important aspect to consider especially when the cost of living for Ticor Dundee New York City has risen tremendously over the past decade.

Moreso, learning with the defined poverty has anyone who is unable to obtain the necessary resources in order to sustain daily life without some form assistance from the government. along with an individual not being able to keep up with the monthly bills, Comes the added on stress of not knowing whether or not they would be able to get by another day this negatively affects the mental and emotional stability of that individual bus resulting in the development an addiction. It has also been stated that those what the higher level of Education or less likely to engage in drinking habits. this goes for almost any other social problem in our society. over the course of time research has proven that when education is given about a particular dilemma whether it be alcohol abuse or sex education, most people become more aware are there options and evaluate the best plan of action to either treat or avoid this issue from getting any worse. according to an article published by the New York Times

Issues Pertaining to Alcohol Abuse essay

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