Adoption Rights for Gay Couples

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples? For many years since the 1990’s to our present-day same sex adoption has been a heated controversial topic to many Americans due to advantages and challenges. Forty-nine years ago in the 1970’s homosexually was rarely talked about. It was not until the civil rights era of the 1980’s and 1990’s as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community started fighting and standing up for their rights. In May 2004, Massachusetts became the first states in the United States to legalize same- sex marriage.

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In 2012, the democratic party becomes the first biggest to support same-sex marriage on a national platform. Rewinding to 2019, same-sex marriage and adoption is legal in all fifty states and the LBGT community is continually growing support from all over the United States and the world.

Either gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian or transgender we are all people. All people have inalienable rights. The LGBT community should not be treated or not have the same rights as straight people or couples. In this case, this is basic rights, equality and liberties. The fourteen Amendment protects the equal protection to same-sex couples. On lifelong adoptions, statistics show the number of same-sex couples who adopted has tripled, from 6,500 couples in 2000 to 22,000 in 2010. (lif) From (Bos, Henny M. W.1 H.M.W.) studies show children with the same-sex parents have no difference in academic or no differences in general health, well-being, coping behavior, learning behavior. Children were measured by a strengths and difficulties questionnaire it measured the prosperity of the children between five and eighteen years old. Each parent completed the questionnaire for the sample child by the study on the child’s behavior. Facts from lifelongadoptions, studies show LGBT parents are more openly and aware of their child and their well-being in addition they appeal to have more empathy from people different from their selves. The definition of being a good parent is not based or influenced by sexual orientation. Studies proved gay couples have the same social and mental abilities as children raised by straight people. (, n.d.).

On isidewithpolls, twenty percent votes on gay couples should not have the same adoption rights as straight couples. This was one of the comments an American had to say, “No, this is similar to a single parenting, not an ideal family environment, but doable. The loss of a gender is not something to be overlooked, and children who grow up without a father or mother will always want to know about them. Purposely removing a gender from the life of a growing child will have consequence. Children need balance to understand genders and interacting with different genders.” From a Republican in Austin, TX1 (Isidewith, n.d.) this response point of view believe children who do not have both male and female in their lives would lead to consequences in the future. Meaning, kids will think they should have the same-sex partner as their parents. Children with LGBT parents would never know the role of a mother and the role of a father which Republicans agree children should be offered a female and male in their life. Second challenge Americans believe that children with the same sex parents would get bullied in school. On Involved, Invisible, Ignored, exposes research on students of 42% had said they had been verbally harassed at school in the past year because their parents were LGBT. (Joseph G. Kosciw, Ph.D.) This informs that students do get bullied by same-sex parents.

After being illegal for thirty-three years LGBT partners have been able to adopt, raise and legally protect their children and in addition, take their rightful place as equal families of the eyes of the law. Adoption is a great way for gay couples to grow their ideal family but however, there are cons and pros Americans argue on same-sex adoption. Advantages most Americans agree that gay partners should be granted the opportunity to open their lives with a child and equal experience of all the joy of parenthood like straight partners do. In addition, they get to raise a child in need of a loving home as they deserve. Children need a home and loving parents to share their lives with regardless of their parents being straight, bisexual, gay or transgender. Love is love. One major con others agree on is same-sex parents can lead to consequences in the future about the understanding of gender roles and can cause bullying.

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