Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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On April 14th, 1865, Abraham Lincoln and his wife alongside other dignitaries attended a coveted play Our American Cousin at the Ford’s Theatre. Abraham was a darling to many, a father-figure, a noble and just leader who won the American elections in the 19th century. His tribute to America’s loyalty was a kind gesture of public appearances such as at the Ford’s Theatre. As the play begins, the crowd is astonished at how tall, and sleek figured Abraham Lincoln was as he sat at the highest podium designated for loyalties.

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Within a blink of an eye, there were screams, a gunshot, a man screaming “Sic Semper tyrannis” (meaning Ever thus to tyrants) and brain matter all over the carpet and around the dignitaries. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at the highly secured podium. “The South is avenged,” said the killer as he fled the scene on horseback as the crowd was running for their dear life. The end of a life. Abraham Lincoln goes down as one of the elite and famous aristocrats that America has ever witnessed. As his body lay on a small bed, his long feet hanging barely from the tiny bed, all around him were concerned fellows and his wife, longing to have him back. Tragically, he died the next morning, April 15th, 1865.

John Wilkes Booth is an infamous name in America; the man who shot the pioneering American president. Booth was a well-known actor, handsome and endearing to the eye and many women loved his character while men envied him. He was obsessed with being the next George Clooney of his generation but, his pride and passion were not readily accepted in the North than it was in the South. His bitter and cynical attitude forced him to plan a plot to kidnap the president. A bold attempt which was championed by his closest friends. Samuel Arnold, Michael O’Laughlin and John Surratt planned vigorously on how to execute their ambitions. The need to be famous in the South and hated in the North. The desire to continue and resurrect the reputation of the South was high in them.

A month before the assassination, the group of friends met in a local pub. A crucial low joint that no one was wary of their neighbor; everyone was keen on having their delight and fun. The mastermind, Booth, had all the details about the Presidential visit to Ford’s Theatre. In his intricate mind, he formulated a plan: a plan that would see the historic move in America. The four men were hurdled up in a corner, heads bumping onto each other as they were keenly listening to what Booth’s plan was all about. No interjections and no objections, each friend was aware of the repercussions but, the thrill of having to undertake such a move was exhilarating. The initial plot was to kidnap the president during his stay at a local hotel. Booth was to be the distraction to the security officers while his friends ran upstairs, bundled up the president and left without anyone noticing.

However, miraculously the President altered his schedule for the three-day trip. Moments before, the South had surrendered to the North. This infuriated Booth and his friends. The idea of being termed as cowards: a term of endearment only gestured to blacks and the natives. Booth’s plan was in shambles and his opportune moment to take the North for the South was at hand. In his mind, he planned how his friends and he would assassinate the President, vice president, Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State William Seward on the same night. His friends did not hold up their end of the deal. They decided to let Booth do his bidding on his own. This gesture upset Booth and forced him to go drinking at a local saloon. He bragged about killing the president. He was too intoxicated even to remember what he said to the people at the pub. But, the crowd was not entertaining him, most of them assumed him while others exchanged words with him. As a result, this fueled his desire to finish his mission.

Back at the Ford’s Theatre, Abraham Lincoln’s bodyguard got bored during the play and decided to leave his post to grab a beer at the same saloon that Booth was drinking. In the heat of the moment, Booth slipped away and sneaked into the podium where the president was seated alongside his wife and other individuals. He drew the gun slowly and within a second, he put a bullet on the back side of the President’s head. In the scuffle, the president’s friend, Major Rathbone, attempted to grab Booth but, Booth slashed him with a knife. Booth instinctively jumped off the podium and hurt his legs terribly. However, he was able to hobble to his horse and rode away. Booth’s friend, Lewis Paine managed to stab the Secretary of State, William Seward several times. Later Lewis and Booth met up at Dr. Samuel Mudd’s house where the doctor treated them both for their injuries. As they hid in the house, their co-conspirators were captured as they tried to flee to Canada.

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