About Racism

Reading through the article provided a vivid reflection on how racism becomes a serious issue in the today society. There are various types of racism the article brings out manifested in micro aggression form.

The varied opinions in my mind provide a clear picture of the information relayed in the article through the following analysis. Discrimination concerning race will major in my analysis. First, let me talk about the black guy abused in the Saudi Arabia that has sparked public outcry. The human race is equal before the Almighty, and I condemn such acts of dehumanization of other races. The first time visiting America astonished me as people are classified according to their area of origin. There are African American, Whites, and the Latino Americans.

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My case

I come from Saudi Arabia, and people generalize my religion as Muslim through assumption process which is not right. I believe one should be treated equally irrespective of religion and by me being a Muslim does not mean all Saudi people have same religion Muslim. Remembering an incident in France airport makes my tears cascade down as I was mistreated with my mum because I was wearing a Hijab and Niqab that showed I was a Muslim. The youngness and naivety at the time made me think a lot and wondered why the airport attendants gave us the cold shoulder. My character is such of humble beginning and believes in brotherhood and sisterhood relationships. The Social media postings have sparked mixed reactions concerning racism with the Saudi man incidence showing racism of which I believe might not be true as it was expressed and contextualized.

The use of isolated incidences to generalize on the prejudice acts of particular community or race is profane. The article shows the process of categorization in the American context is not a righteous way of harmonization of the races together. The categories show forms of micro aggression discrimination that is hidden for purposes of segregation. The story of the black man kicked in my Home country Saudi shocked me as he was giving an interview, but the interviewer kicked him out of the conference telling him we needed people who looked smart not the black skin.

The interviewer ignored his resume as he had hate for the black people. In my country this could not happen as Muslim, we believe in respecting other people races, but this was contrary to our practices. The scapegoat and venom that people keep in their hearts are always brought out through discrimination activities. The article explains what is happening today as Muslims people are believed to be terrorist and in places they visit they are mostly victimized. The last story is a shock as two Arabs were traveling in a plane and happened to speak to each other in Arabic. Due to the fallacy of terrorists coming from Arabic nations imagine they were kicked out of the aircraft.

Sounding like a joke people complained of their safety as this two posed a danger to their life which forced the airline management to take strict measures that violated their rights. This incident brings chills as I am afraid of talking to a brother in public as I do not know how the surrounding people will react against me speaking Arabic.

Conclusively, the article adds knowledge concerning racism that is not in one country choice but several showing a disease of society as people decide to become racists.

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