Microaggressions and the Rise of Victimhood Culture /The Impact of Microaggressions and why they Matter

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The fight between native white American and the minorities who includes black, Hispanic and Asian American has been all along going on. The reason why this fight is not easy to end it is that each group has position itself according to how their issue are address. And that because the white American are more considered than other minorities, they feel that they are superior and others are under them (William, Hung & Franklin, p. 37). Micro-aggression is an issue that has promoted the racism and discrimination due to color.

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From the article, Simba defines micro-aggression as “behaviors or statements that do not necessarily reflect malicious intent but which nevertheless can inflict insult or injury.” According to Ronald he define those attack as, and I quote, “Those attacks have been directed at the marginalized, historically underrepresented, and, usually, most vulnerable persons in our society in specific racial/ethnic, gender, religious, and sexual-orientation groups. African, Asian, and Native Americans, Latinx, women, Jews and Muslims, and gay and lesbian individuals are the most frequent targets”(Berk, p. 1)

Articles summary

From the article of Simba, when the his fellow student referred him as dog he feels embarrassed although his fellow called him so because she had a dog that was named Simba and that he related him to that dog. From his article, I quote, ???Because my name is Simba, a name Americans associate with animals, she unhelpfully shared that her dog’s name was also Simba. She froze with embarrassment, realizing that her remark could be perceived as debasing and culturally insensitive.”This means according to Simba, his fellow student showed lack of respect to him because he was not white. But the student had no bad intention when he called him dog but was because Simba was also name for her dog. Here lies the matter on which one person could interpret the other.” Samba argued it that way because he felt that always the white student in the college were against other minorities group whose were less than 50 percent in their school.

On the side, Conor Friedersdorf is describing the how people are finding themselves being the victim according to how they interpret the statement and gesture made by their fellows who they have differences due to color or race. From his article where a Hispanic student from Oberlin College is offended by an email from white student after when they for soccer game instead of the talk that was part of Latino Heritage Month. The players of the soccer players used email to communicate to the student who went for talk. But the white replied the email that Hispanic student felt that the white were insulting them. The email read, “Hey, that talk looks pretty great, but on the off chance you aren’t going or would rather play futbol instead the club team wants to go!!” this brought up issue as they started using insult to each instead of solving the situation. The two group misunderstood each other due culture differences and thus creating conflict between themselves.

The misunderstanding of the micro-aggression leads to emergence the victimhood culture where a culture feels that they are always victim of the other culture. When one culture does anything they may be provoking even if it is unintentionally, they take it serious and fight between cultures emerge too.

Synthesis of the articles

The two articles are clearly stating how the micro-aggression matters a lot when it comes to people who have differences in beliefs and where group view themselves superior or marginalized from the other. The articles have overstated the microaggression. According to Simba, “micro-aggressions point out cultural difference in ways that put the recipient’s non-conformity into sharp relief, often causing anxiety and crises of belonging on the part of minorities.” This is because the recipient feels that some of their rights are not observed and that they are discriminated. Conor also justify that where in his article he quotes sociologists, Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning, “Honorable people are sensitive to insult, and so they would understand that micro-aggressions, even if unintentional, are severe offenses that demand a serious response.

 The impact of expressing the Micro-aggresion therefore rely upon the differences in culture (Campbell & Manning, p. 714). Simba is getting annoyed because it is white student who call him dog and he cannot get to appoint of discussing this with her because he feels more embarrassed. Conclusion The micro-aggression matters is easy to control but when miss understood it creates discrimination, hate, victimhood and fight between people of different race, color, ethnic and culture. In most cases the micro-aggression usually start from one culture that will feel that is being undermined but lack to involve the third party in solving the issue. When the micro-aggression occurs without the intention to do so, the person who does the action of insult and suing some statement that annoys the other person who they have different culture it is advisable for the apology and the issue becomes simple to solve it. But when it comes to argument it will lead to fight from individual to cultural fight.

Work cited

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