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Updated: Mar 16, 2021
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After careful consideration, I have decided that I am going with the article, School a hostile place for LGBTQ students, study says, Missouri and Kansas included by Mara Rose Williams. The article is talking about how students in the LGBTQ community do not feel like they can go to school and still feel safe. The reason for this is that the students in the LGBTQ community said that “when they went to school they would get physically or emotionally harassed by the other students” (Williams 2019). The reason I wanted to write about this topic is that there is still a lot of people in the world that believe that it is not socially appropriate to like someone of the same sex as you or to feel like you are not the sex you are born as. National Schools Climate conducted a survey to see how many teens were being harassed in Kansas and Missouri schools that Mara Williams found. “85 percent of the LGBTQ student was in Missouri and 84 percent in Kansas, “reported hearing homophobic remarks in school.” (Williams 2019). Another quote that Williams, Mara states, “36% in Missouri and 27% in Kansas reported being physically harassed because of sexual orientation. When it should not matter what society says about the controversial issue at hand, because society as we know it is constantly changing and we must change with it. During this paper, I am going to be talking about gender identity and Institutional discrimination. I will also be being defining and applying these concepts to the article and try to find real-life examples that we discussed in class, so you can see how the words connect with the paper. Now, since I have stated what we will be going over let’s get started on our first word.

The first concept we will be talking about is gender identity. In Wilson, Jacque article, 5 things to know about gender identity, that we had to read for class states that gender identity refers to a person’s internal sense of being a male, female, or something else (Wilson 2013). This is simply saying that what they feel about their gender will connect with what they feel on the inside. Here is a quote that comes from the paper that explains this a little, “…indicate that many schools have become even more hostile towards transgender and gender nonconforming youth said Joseph Kosciw.” (Williams 2019). This was part of a survey that they conduct in the article that was stated above in the introduction part of my paper. Now you may be wondering how these two quotes that I gather connect with each other. Well that is easy because gender identity is what people feel internal and the students that have been harassed even more in school feel like they are transgender or nonconforming internally. Which gender identity is a big part of this paper is because the teens internal feeling is not the same with their male or female part of their bodies. So, in the end they do not feel comfortable in their bodies and everyone should feel comfortable with who they are. Since we talked about gender identity let’s go on to talking about the next concept that relates to the LGBT article.

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Institutional discrimination is the second concept that I have decided that I would relate to the LBTQ with the article. In the sociology discussion group that I am in explains “institutional discrimination is found in the structural element of an organization” (Kaiser 2019). This is saying that anyone can usually find institutional discrimination in any businesses or schools no matter where you are at in the world. The company or school may or may not know that this is going on in front of their own eyes. “Alonzo acknowledged that some districts are making big efforts to improve resources and treatment for LGBTQ students, which is also North Kansas City district, which got gender-neutral bathrooms in their schools.” (Williams 2019). This is saying that the schools saw that there were issues in their own schools and some of these schools are doing everything in their power to fix that so that all their students can feel safe and welcome to be who they are inside and outside of the school. The schools are also making sure that the harassment for the LGBTQ students will be going down and there will more than likely be consequences to the students that have been harassing those students. We have just gone over what institutional discrimination is, let’s now talk about how these two words really connect with not only the paper but in the past and present time in all schools and companies.

Let’s now talk about these two concepts more in depth about how they relate to the article that I have chosen for this assignment and how they connected to everyone in a general way. The LGBTQ community have been arounds in the world for a long time and there have been many fights about the issue because some people think it not socially acceptable for people to date and marry someone of the same sex. It seems like there is more of problems with it in the present days because their was a bill pass to make sure that everyone has a fair chance in marrying the person they love and more people are having issues with this fact especially in high school when students are trying to find where they belong in the world. Since gender identity exists for the people that do not feel like they are who they are born to be than there should not be issues with it at all because if someone is not comfortable in their own skin than they would not have anything to live for and the rate of death will go up. No one would want to see people take their lives because they are not be with the one they love.

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