Gender Identity and LGBTQ Rights

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In this piece I’m going to explain how the LGBTQ community are being treated because of their Sex/Gender/Gender identity/sexuality an article that shows this was the privileges article a how people that comes out as straight or gay can help the gay community’s when they come out. I’m going to do this by explaining the way Carbados thinks that there’s a new way that heterosexual people tailored as “coming out” as heterosexual and this could affect the homosexual community in a positive way because it’s undoing that a person just assume someone is heterosexual just when they first meet them and you can link this idea to Gender Institution for example when you first meet someone you would assume that they’re straight not that they’re gay or lesbian.

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In the doing gender piece it gives an example of a trans women being denied the right to bring someone to justice because of who she is. I will also be explaining Doing Gender and Gender binary by seeing what makes a person a man or what makes a person a woman. This article has to do Doing Gender because it basically means how someone feel about what characteristic goes with a certain Sex/Gender and this is related to transgender people because they believe that they’re born into the wrong body. I do this by analyzing the Doing gender, determining gender article by Laurel Westbrook and Kristen schilts article where they analyze three case studies that determine from what makes a person who they are to be changing someone’s sex marker on a birth certificate.

Sex/Gender is what parts a person is born with while gender determine whether they’re a male or female. Gender Identity is like what someone identify at birth or when they changed it. Sexuality is like whether they’re homosexual or heterosexual. In the Doing Gender, Determining Gender: Transgender people, Gender Panics, and the Maintenance of the sex/Gender, Sexuality system by Laurel Westbrook and Kirsten Schilt article talked a lot about Sex/Gender/Gender identity/sexuality because it talked about 1989 case where a person undergo a sex change surgery and she was married to a cis man who later on died because a doctor miss diagnose him and she was trying to sue the doctor but instead of getting justice the court denied her malpractice suit because she found out that in the 1970s she undergone a sex change surgery. The court first examined if the marriage to her husband was real. But all the court was thinking about was that she was born as a Man and not that she lived 20 years as a woman, changed her sex legally and she also had medical experts testified that she was physically and psychologically a woman, and that she and her husband loved each other. In the Privilege Article by Devin Carbado, he stated that heteronormativity by heterosexuals maybe is the result judge by society and that there’s a stigma attached to whom support causes like social change. Like for example s straight person would talk about the discrimination of homosexuals so people just assume that that person in fact is homosexual himself. He has also said that heterosexual is starting to come out as well and in doing so it make it easier for gay and lesbian individuals to come out because they’re making it like a common thing that everyone should do it and in results would take away the physical harm that gay and lesbians individuals endures during their coming out process.

Gender Binary is defined as a gender split into two parts that is the opposite of each other that doesn’t have to do anything with masculine or feminine. Doing Gender is a theory where for an example they’re born as a male and they always knew that they were born into the wrong gender, but they don’t say anything but the more the interact socially with people characteristic feminine characteristic started to so up. I feel like Doing Gender and Gender Binary has a lot of things to do with transgender and this is mostly talked in the Doing Gender, Determining Gender: Transgender people, Gender Panics, and the Maintenance of the sex/Gender, Sexuality system by Laurel Westbrook and Kirsten Schilt it analyzes different cases and in each of these cases they realize that the logic of gender segregation. In this situations socials actors struggle with putting trans individuals in a segregated space like public restrooms. The struggles that they face is what the author calls gender panics where people just react to the gender, they used to claim instead of the gender they now claim.

Gender Institution is like when you first meet someone, and you just instantly assume that they’re straight until the more you know the person you come to a conclusion that they’re gay or lesbian. Or when you see a gay person and you instantly assume that they’ll act feminine. In the privilege article Devon Carbado stated that if a straight person talks about how they’re discriminations of homosexuals so everyone that they try to explain that too would just assume instantly that they’re Homosexual not straight. He also said now heterosexuals are also coming out now too not like before where its juts LGBTQ people. I still believed that since everyone know the term “coming out” others would just assume that if you say that you’re coming out they would think instantly that you’re gay or lesbian. The Doing Gender, Determining Gender: Transgender people, Gender Panics, and the Maintenance of the sex/Gender, Sexuality system by Laurel Westbrook and Kirsten Schilt article stated that many use genitalia to determine the sex of a person and it belongs in gender institution because it shows how what someone “is” is different what someone see themselves as.

There are so many different ways the LGBTQ communities are being miss treated. From being denied the right to sue someone in court because they found out that she was a had sec change surgery from a man to a woman and live as that for 20 years while married to a man who she loved. Then I found out the good thing that happened in these articles was that heterosexual people are coming out as heterosexuals which makes it easier for gay and lesbian individuals to come out themselves by relieve all the pressure of it. It was also discovered that is there is such things as gender segregation where it led to people thinking that they couldn’t place trans individuals in any of the category’s, so they just went back to the gender the trans people was born with instead of what they claim they are. People would also think that your homosexuals just because you pointed out that they’re discrimination and coming out used to be the term for gays or lesbian individuals to explain to families but now heterosexuals started using it to come out and that helped them a lot because then it would take the stress out. So, I am a male Asian gay man and when people first talked to me, I would be shy and not talked much and they would also think that I’m smarts and knows everything. When people would get to know me better, they would know that I act very famine and I just don’t like to do guys stuff that much because that’s just not who I am. People would think that I am Gay so I would act more feminine and so they would treat me like any other gay individuals they have meet where they love to do more feminine things but me, I do act more feminine, but I just do more guys stuff. So, I have adapted this by just laughing and smiling with them and not correct them because I feel like the more, I correct them they still wouldn’t understand so I just try to ignore it. A show that I feel taught me how to be myself was will and grace I used to watch that show when I was little and it would come on at night and I used to watch it when my parents was at work because I fear that they won’t welcome me if they know that I was gay. The lessons that I took from Will and Grace was that you should be who you are and not change for anyone because one episode one the main character found out that he had a son and the mother was about to send the son into a gay conversion camp and at the end I think the son decided not to go to the conversion camp. I feel like me being a gay and act more feminine enhanced my life because I could do what guys do and I could do what girls do and that just make me feel freer then when I just have to act like a guy then I would just feel stuck and not know what to do.

I think one part of my essay that is strong is my conclusion where I re-stated everything and then put my own thoughts and opinions into it to make my statements come together better. The thing that I feel like I need to work on more is the thesis cause I feel like thesis is bad because it’s hard to understand and another thing that is weak is body paragraph I feel like some stuff that I put down to proof it doesn’t work together well enough to make the essay perfect.

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