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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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PlayStation provides a great pastime to individuals through gaming but even more interesting when you play with people you know online. It also helps you keep in touch with your friends through Facebook and other social media channels. The current PlayStation 4 with the latest firmware update, has made it even faster and simpler for individuals to connect and bond with genuine friends. Having the already inbuilt social media functionality into the next-generation system, PlayStation can now identify and profiles people that you may know but not added to your friend’s list.

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This is a unique feature that helps an individual to keep tabs with those people he or she plays with. This also reduces the chances of losing your friends due to dormancy and redundancy. Here are a few tips on how to keep your friends:

Linking your Facebook Account to the PS

Connecting your Facebook account to the PS. However, people are usually skeptical about sharing their personal information that is held on Facebook and fear that linking their Facebook account to that of PlayStation may interfere with their privacy. But, that is not always the case especially when you already have your real friends and you are aware of your gamers. Linking your Facebook account to PlayStation gives your real-time notification and updates that help you to keep in touch with your friends. It also makes you active with a flexible time of playing.

Keeping your Facebook link to PlayStation active

It is important to ensure you are always online at the right time so as not to lose touch with your friends. Always load a game that your friends are conversant with to ensure they participate. Let it be a fun moment and do not try to make yourself look sophisticated by loading a difficult game. This makes friends to shy away from you and in the end, they may end up losing interest in your games.

Create a New Pool of Friends

Do not just depend on the friends you already have. Try to look for new friends who can be interested in your gaming activities. This really helps if you are unable to sustain your friends for a long period of time. We are social beings which means we can still interact not only physically but online. It’s also practical to remember that some people can just decide to stop being your friends and you have no control over it. This means it is always of great importance to have other friends whom you can lean on.

Let Your Facebook Friends See You

This works best when creating new friends. People want to interact with someone whom they are sure about. With an increase in fake social media accounts, data mining and cyberbullying, your new friends want to know whom they are interacting with. Build your credibility and trust by allowing people to see you. When you log into your PS, it will ask for permission to display your real name to Facebook and you are at liberty to confirm or decline. When your new friends are not sure about your status in terms of your real names and face, they always not be free with you and eventually unfriend you.

Browsing Through Your Friends

Mostly the console one uses searches through your Facebook to connect with similar PSN accounts that have not been added to one’s friends list. It is therefore recommended to have the latest PlayStation for easier connectivity with not only your friends but other potential friends.

In conclusion, friends make gaming especially through PlayStation fun unlike playing it all by yourself. They expose you to new skills and techniques that you could have otherwise not known by yourself. Some friends end up becoming your real-life friends. So keep them for your own good.

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