A Supreme Court Case: Brown V. Board of Education

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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A supreme court case known as Brown V. Board of Education was an issue where the judge ruled that segregation by race in schools was unlawful. As the article states, “separate but equal” is what the judge and non-colored individuals swear it’s what’s right. It all started in 1896 when the Supreme Court supported the Plessy v. Ferguson, allowing racial segregation to be legal. This decision lead to forbidding African Americans from sharing anything with whites (known as “Jim Crow” laws).

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The government and citizens saw this okay because of all though they were separate they were treated with the same respect. On the contrary, this just shows how ignorant people are. As stated in the article, “ Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.” The government is obviously abusing the power of what the founding fathers meant it to be divided equally or what it’s known as checks and balances. We can tell that the Judicial branch is abusing its power that fault against states’ rights. Due to this unlawful right, some southern congressman comes together and writes “southern manifesto” as a way to protest Congress’ ruling on allowing African American in the same public school as whites. Within their argument, they bought up the fact that nowhere in the 14th amendment or the constitution does it mention education anywhere. As well as using the 10th amendment, to show the abuse of power and the limitation of the Supreme Court. This forced the Supreme Court to revisit the Brown v. Board of Education case and remake a decision. In the end, they decided to rule in favor of allowing a public school to be equal and end racial integration. The NAACP needed to design a plan to put this act in action and become a success.

Likewise, this prompts the occasion known as Little Rock(1957). This occasion began off with a gathering nine African American who tried out an all-white High School in Little Rock. The leader of the NAACP needed to ensure that the nine understudy pick were sufficiently able to confront the test ahead. As the school year emerges, he called them up. He had a session with every one of them. He taught them to be cautious and showing them how to deal with all the hate. Not every person cherished the possibility of them heading off to an all-white school. For one, the governor brought in the Guard to stop the black student from entering. Parents stood outside with signs saying to stay away as well as talking down on them. Consistently those bold nine African Americans went down that passageway and confronted the loathing that was given when it should be seen in a positive way. Soon thereafter, President Dwight D. Eisenhower protected them by sending in troops to assist all nine of them in school.

All in All, this group help prove that was not all that much different from one another. We all thrive to do better education wise and so the color shouldn’t be an issue. These nine showed a significant role in the civil right movement. After all the year of struggle with the cases from various states and the constant decline in their God-given rights, they never gave up. They fought for what they believed in and what was right. No doubt that this accomplishment was a great one. It showed that some people are blinded and it just takes a stand or effort from others to help them realized what right here. This one moment in time helped African American move one step closer to becoming truly free.

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