A Regretful Incident

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All I felt was an agonizing pain in my legs. I could barely stand upright. I remembered falling into complete darkness. The pain was surging throughout my body. I could not help but begged earnestly that I could pull through.

Before that, I was lying on my couch, watching the old boring television series.“Err…this is boring!” I groaned as I turned off the television.

Just then, the telephone from the living room came ringing loudly. Immediately, I rushed to the phone and picked it up. My friends had called me up for a soccer game. Swelling with happiness, I grabbed my ball and rushed to the field. It had been many days since we last played soccer. My wild spirits was rejoiced by its delayed liberty. I ran and ran, my cheeks caressed by the gentle breeze. I could see Jerry and Tom in the distance.

I rushed up to them, suggesting, “Whoever kicks the ball furthest will win!” Both of them agreed readily. “Watch this!” I bragged as I kicked the ball skillfully. The ball flew up into the air and landed at the nearby construction site. “Oh no!” I exclaimed. The soccer ball was a present from my father and I have to get it back.

My friends and I ran toward the site and was about to enter when we saw a sign that reads, “Danger, Keep Out”. My friends then warned me not to trespass the area as it could be dangerous. Turning their advice on deaf ears, I sprinted into the site without much consideration. I had to get my ball back. I had to!

I scanned around the area, looking for my ball. There were blackish puddles everywhere and shoe prints in the mud. Bits of tissue paper and cigarette stubs swam in stagnant water. All of a sudden, I dropped into a hole and was in complete darkness.

“Ah!” I doubled in pain as I could feel the agonizing pain in my left leg. The pain was so excruciating that I could barely stand. “Help! Someone please help!” I shouted with all my might. However, I knew that nobody could hear. I had fallen into a hole fifty feet below ground.

My friends’ advice was right and I blamed myself for doing such a reckless act like entering the construction site. “I am doomed!” I muttered to myself. My heart was pounding hard against my chest as I braced myself for the worst.

Suddenly, I remembered about my phone that was at the back of my pocket. “I could call Jerry for help!” mumbling to myself. I quickly took out the phone and started dialing. To my dismay, there was no reception at all. Sadness etched across my forehead. I could not help but begged that this ordeal would end soon.

Time seemed to stretch into eternity as I waited patiently for help. “Tim, where are you?” Jerry’s brow were furrowed in a mixture of fear and worry. He had waited for me for a long time outside the construction site before deciding to inform the workers about the matter. Upon hearing the news, the workers were flabbergasted. Grabbing a long rope, the workers came searching for me, only to see me groaning in pain. “Here, grab onto the rope!” bellowed the workers. With all my strength, I hung on to the rope and they pulled me to safety. Before I could talk, a sea of darkness fell upon me, sweeping me to oblivion.

When I woke up, I was in a room full of machines. The smell of medicine filled the air. My family and friends were all with me. My mother looked at me with a tingle of sorrow sweeping across her face and my father looked extremely downcast to see me in this state. I had fractured my left leg and arm and had to be hospitalized for a month. I was glad that everything was over. Even though the ordeal was over, who knows how long I will take to forget this incident? It was certainly an unforgettable one. Through this, I have learnt a lesson on safety. I will never ever venture into dangerous places again. 

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