A Positive Metamorphosis

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Updated: Jun 20, 2022
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In the past decade, it was looked down upon for couples to get married fairly young, and start a family. However, life is very different today; now delaying of childbirth is becoming very recurrent. For example, many people I know are having children at an older age, opposite to several years ago. The driving force behind this is the change in our society making the assumption of mothers having children at a young age, but it’s nothing like that today. As our society has changed with time, there’s been a positive metamorphosis. This positive positive metamorphosis allows children an increase of opportunities due to a better effect on families and society. They will have become a product of what they were taught by their family and these children will have a positive influence on our country. It is better for people to wait until their thirties to have children; the benefits of waiting include an increased income by the time a couple has children, the ability to further one’s education, and emotional support for the children.

There’s a parallel connection between between both the age you have a child and the income gains because the older a person is the better support he or she can give to the child. Couples who start their families at an older age have higher earnings due to job experience. Higher income increases their child’s opportunities, as well as it opens them for the world around them, this allows for success . It seems more conventional for older couples to wait, due to being more established financially. This can be confirmed by the endless studies done, scientists show a connection between both a couple’s age and their earning ability. Not only that, but in other aspects it improves our workforce, due to people choosing to work longer. As a result to this, the kids from working-class schools suffer, due a decrease in chances.

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A key essential everyone needs to have in order to accomplish any particular goal is time. Without time there’s no opportunity. This proves to be true, as teen birth rates are dropping, leading them with opportunity to continue their studies. In other words a child adds time limiting one to certain hours. With some seeing a child as a distraction, it can negatively impact a person when it comes down to his or her education.Opposite, to that older parents who are less stressed about income or job security tend to be more patient and can spend more time with their child. Parents who have more secondary education can also offer more specific stimulation to their children, which can be helpful for development. An investigation explored how specific parenting beliefs and behaviors such as reading, and constructive play affected positively child development. The research found that parent education and income positively affects child achievement.

Lastly, an “older” parent is more advantageous than a younger parent, mostly because they are more “emotionally prepared.” In a recent study they found out that older parents would’ve been the ideal parenting era. By the time a person reaches his or her 30s, a person probably come to a point in his or her life where he or she in a good place with his or her career. In one’s earlier years, the future seemed distant and possibly uncertain, now with experience he or she can provide better emotional support. This is something younger couples neglect, as they aren’t around their kids as much. This turns out to be a major error because it doesn’t prepare the children for the world around them, especially in a world filled with tough and harsh realities. On the other hand, an older couple would be more responsible because of the experience does count, especially when it comes to emotional support.

In conclusion, this critical decision on whether to wait or have child now is simplistic, not only will it be beneficial for one to wait, but it will also be best for the child. Young couples lack patience or tolerance two significant essentials for anyone to have. Without them it only leads to conflicts along the way. Some of which can affect the child due to lack of of three key factors such as lack of income, the inability to further one’s education, and lack emotional support for the children. All those three things have an astonishing effect. When he or she has the freedom to explore and find him or herself and be able to apply all those lessons and experiences he or she learned and teach them to one’s child, will make one’s children better

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