Your Favorite Sport and how Many People Love it

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Updated: Aug 15, 2023
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Have you ever just sat down and thought about your favorite sport and how many people like it? Is it the best sport in the world? Should this be a bigger sport than any other in our country? Well, I did, and it should be according to the research found online. There are many chances, differences, and thoughts on any sport and soccer, such as fans and all, but most sports are still favored and that should be changed. Soccer is the third oldest sport in the USA (Jezek), and made between two very old futbol clubs called Richmond and Barnes FC (Wood).

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The American football is younger than European futbol, but is yet still favored by 30% in the USA (Arnett).

As I have been to both American football and European futbol games, it was said that soccer is one hundred years older than American football, but the name soccer formed sixty-three years later (Manfred). Different forms of futbol were formed in the early 1800’s, but had to have different names as well (Manfred). This is where we get the sports such as American football and rugby (Manfred). Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide, therefore having the craziest fans (Jones).

Supporters are the lifeblood of every single futbol club. Every weekend or weekday, diehard fans will follow their teams anywhere (Jones). In a World Cup match, if it is at a home country, there is an estimated 30,000 people just for one country (Montague). Sports fans are no strangers to sacrificing for the teams they love and live for out on that pitch (Montague). Some people will do anything they can just to see their team play in a World Cup match (Montague). This is why soccer should be made the National sport of the USA. It is necessary to understand this issue.

Soccer should also not be made the National sport of the USA because American football has a nearly 30% higher rate of people saying that it is their favorite sport (Arnett). About 27% say basketball is their favorite sport, 22% say baseball, and only 21% say soccer is their favorite sport (Arnett). According to the percentage found in my research, this is proof that soccer should not be made the National sport of the USA. Soccer is growing at a slow rate, but it is yet still faster than any other sport (Bondy). It is stated that soccer is the sport of the future; it’s just growing at a very slow rate. “Soccer is the sport of the future and always will be,” (Bondy).

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