Your Behavior Affects your Child’s Development

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Developing Confident Leadership

Managing children’s performance is required continuously during the child’s waking hours not just when the child’s behavior is inappropriate. This is accomplished by designing solid routines with clear rules while maintaining compassion and appreciation. It is important to be aware of the child’s surroundings and observant of the activities going on around them. Accomplishing this allows the child to feel protected, regarded and confident.

Children relate the awareness and instructions to a caring leader that is clearly there for them when needed.

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Design and Organize the Plan1 When intentional plans are made to maintain guidance, positive emotions are increased and the child’s learning achievement strengthens. Teamwork allows these interactions to become more effective. Three suggestions that guarantee effective teamwork are;

  •  Be transparent about positions. When creating arrangements explain each persons expected duties. The children should be able to predict what is next on the agenda and who will be responsible for them.  Following this method will decrease unacceptable actions significantly.
  • Make certain that every teaching team rather its educators or caregivers provide transparent and understandable instructions to avoid the child’s ability to pit one against the other while searching for the response they desire. Talking in unity from different rooms will ease the child and they will know this is the way things are going to be.
  •  Regularly inspect and observe the child discussing with other caregivers the details of the child’s activities and how they are intermingling. Remaining nearby so ensure a peaceful atmosphere and limited opposing actions. Be certain to help that child who requires more attention as this will help avoid an unwanted situation.

Understand A Childs Behavior

When a child experiences a life-altering interruption they may act out in a variety of ways. It can be difficult to know exactly what to do for them and when to seek professional help. Poor behavior can be displayed by how they react to someone else, an incident, or as a means to interact, express feelings, or to get noticed. Sometimes poor behavior is used a way to distract the attention from the real problem.

The caregiver can help the child through these times by trying to understand how the child feels when behavior changes, be sympathetic to the child’s feelings, attempt to comprehend what the child is trying to express, and work with the child to teach them how to alter the behavior. Children raised by anyone other than the original parents are likely to express fears, depression, withdraw, eating and sleeping disorders, delays in development, anxiety, trauma, and bad memories, or make friends with strangers and experience issues when trying to develop relationships.

If the child’s behavior begins to cause damage to others or themselves, or they suppress emotions, lack the desire to be around others, sleep more than normal or go without nourishment for extended periods of time, display issues at school or with others, start telling lies or stealing, or engage in risky sex professional help should be sought out. 

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