You May not Need Big Data

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the article You May Not Need Big Data After All, 7-Eleven a prime example that empowering employees with the use of little data needed can help salesclerks make better operating decisions on a daily basis. This concept can also cause a continuing stream on innovation, and successively have a really successful business like 7-Eleven (Ross, Beath & Quaadgras, 2013).

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I accept as true with many aspects within the article; however, I don’t think big data should be ignored entirely. I especially agreed thereupon point that stated that first a firm must find out how to use the info embedded in their core operating systems, and until they learn how to master the use and analysis to support its operating decisions, it is in no position to benefit from big data (Ross, Beath & Quaadgras, 2013). If a firm is unable to use and understand the data at hand, I don’t find it strategic to invest in big data as that too will go unused.

Little Data in the Workplace

Companies that have a culture of evidence-based decision making have seen improvements in their business performance by using data analysis (Ross, Beath & Quaadgras, 2013). I also accept as true with this statement as my department uses little data on a daily basis. At a health insurance company in the prior authorization department, we receive a number of prior authorizations requests each day. Management tracks the info of what percentage prior authorizations requests the department receives daily and plans the workflow accordingly. Based on past trends, the department has noticed a trend and an increase of prior authorization requests and the end of calendar year, as many health insurance plans are terming. In this instance, managers offer overtime and ensure that we are fully staffed.

On the other hand, in a recent meeting there was talk about utilizing big data in the future. This would allow our department to shift to more patient-centered care as we would be able to acquire information on our members health to determine trends and the needs members to help better coordinate care. Not only would our members receive better care, but the company could potentially have a greater return on investment as money will be saved through the better use of preventative care. For this reason, I like the idea that together big and little data are far more powerful than alone as discussed in Little Data Makes Big Data More Powerful.


There is such a lot hype for giant data, given all of its applications. The importance of massive data lies in how a corporation is using the collected data and not in what proportion data they need been ready to collect. There are Big Data solutions that make the analysis of massive data easy and efficient. These Big Data solutions are wont to gain benefits from the heaping amounts of knowledge in most industry verticals.

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