Wuthering Heights Written by Mary Shelley

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“In Wuthering Heights written by Mary Shelley portrayed a similarities and differences between the two families, the Earnshaw and the Lintions, in order to show how they interact with each other. Shelly tries to show the readers how these two families become the major issue of the novel. Shelly try to demonstrates the differences that exists between the social class whereas Lintion’s family is rich and the Earnshaw family is poor.

The Linton family is established as an gentry of the upper class than the Earnshaws are.

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The Lintons family is very rich and they enjoy being in a healthier lifestyle. The lifestyle that Linton’s family live by is considered normal than that from the Earnshaws. The two houses of each family seems to represent “the opposing worlds and values as well.” The Earnshaws are ruled by their passions while we see the Lintions who are ruled by their cultured and refined. The Wuthering Heights where the Earnshaw live is very chaotic place whereas Thrushcross Grange where the Lintion’s family live is much more peaceful and well-ordered. The children of Clinton’s family are well raised in a well-mannered.

One thing that the both families have in common is the brother and sister relationships. The relationship that Hindley and Catherine has of the Earnshaw family and for Linton’s family Edgar and Isabella forms and relationship as an brother and sister. Both families brother and sister have a affection towards each other.

Both of the families serve as an foils to each other. The Linton family serve as a civility whereas the Earnshaw family serve as an nature. When Linton family dog bites Catherine she was to stay at their home until she recovers. During this time the Linton’s family children was fascinated by her, so after she recovers and returns back to her home Linton children still came to her house to see Catherine. When Catherine was at the Lintion’s house she was taught about manner and due to this slowly by slowly her wild nature life was subdued and therefore when she went back to home she was acting differently with Heathcliff. This is what has actually causes Catherine to decide to marry Linton “”because his culture had corrupter her nature”” and it was the reason why also Edgar wanted to marry Catherine because “”her nature corrupted his culture.”” Due to this reason we see eventually two families “”became intertwined by marriage that it becomes difficult to ascertain between nature and culture anymore”” which was the conflict of the story. Heathcliff and Edgar are foils to one another because Heathcliff is being very cruel and trying to take revenge and willing to emotionally or either physically harm Hindley’s child while Edgar is more noble, “”forgoing his selfish needs and hatred of Heathcliff to care for Catherine.”” “” Just as the characters from each home are foils of each other, the homes they come from are foils as well”””

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