Wuthering Heights Plot Summary

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The book Wuthering heights begins at a place called Thrushcross Grange, a manor house that a man named Lockwood rents and describes as a misanthropist’s heaven. This is where he meets his landlord named Heathcliff, a rich man who lives close by in a house called Wuthering Heights. Lockwood has his suspicions about the servants and people that live in there. One night he couldn’t leave because the snow was so bad and kept piling up so he spent the night. He was led to a chamber that had no longer used and notices some of the belongings owned by a girl named Catherine. When he is sleeping he has a dream about Catherine that startles him. When morning comes he leaves right away and goes back to Thrushcross Grange to ask the housekeeper more about the family.

About thirty years ago there was a family of four, a mother and father, a boy named Hindley and a girl named Catherine. One day Mr. Earnshaw takes a trip to Liverpool where he adopts a homeless boy named Heathcliff. Hindley starts to get jealous of the boy because he is getting close with Catherine and his father more than he does. So a few years pass and when his father dies he takes over the heights and makes Heathcliff a servant but it doesn’t stop Heathcliff and Catherine from hanging out and getting into trouble. They were caught spying on the kids at the grange where Catherine gets bit by the dog and stays there.

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When Catherine comes back to Wuthering Heights she acts different and is more mature. Heathcliff notices this and try’s to impress her but ends up getting locked in the attic. Heathcliff wants revenge.

Hindley looses himself and resorts to alcohol when his wife dies after giving birth to his son Hareton. Edgar and Catherine fall in love with each other. She tells the housekeeper that she is really in love with Heathcliff but chooses to marry Edgar. Heathcliff heard this and was very upset. So Heathcliff leaves to change his ways and when he comes back Edgar’s sister Isabella has fallen for him and Heathcliff doesn’t feel the same way and only wants revenge on Edgar.

Heathcliff and Isabella end up getting married and Catherine becomes ill and dies giving birth to Cathy, her daughter. So after her funeral Isabella leaves Heathcliff and also gives birth to Heathcliff son named Linton. Then the next person to die is Hindley and Heathcliff is left to take over Wuthering Heights and look over Hareton. Cathy lives at the grange and doesn’t even know about Wuthering Heights. But then she meets Hareton and that’s how she discovered it.

When Isabella dies Linton comes to Wuthering Heights and Cathy and him start a romance of writing love letters and sneaking out late at night. Linton is sick though and Heathcliff wants to complete his revenge by having the two marry each other so he can finally take over Thrushcross Grange. So he locks Nelly and Catherine in and forces her to marry him. Then Edgar and Linton die and catherine is now a servant at Wuthering Heights.

Ellen dean finishes her story and Lockwood goes back to London but visits her later on to learn more. Cathy and Hareton end up getting married and taking over the heights and grange when Heathcliff dies. When Ellen Dean finally finishes her story Lockwood feels the need to go and visit the graves of Catherine and Heathcliff. My favorite part of the book was in the end when Catherine and Hareton get married. I believe that the theme of this book is that love can make you do crazy things.

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