Heathcliff in “Wuthering Heights”

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Symbols – mostly settings

Wuthering Heights – an old farmhouse that Heathcliff and Catherine grew up together symbolizes energy, excitement and affection.

Thrushcross Grange is the house owned by the Lintons and later visited by Lockwood. It symbolizes a place with disciplined, elevated and civilized culture.

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Moors- A place where great adventures dwell in Catherine’s and Heathcliff’s memories. It symbolizes ferocious tendencies and exciting and mysterious mood of the unknown. The moor helps establish a certain mood in the novel including the part where Lockwood first appears to the Moor. He becomes afraid to walk through the moors at night, symbolizing that certain mysterious mood. Eventually Catherine and Heathcliff ‘s tombs are located on the moors due to their affection for each other and their tenderness for the wilderness.


Repetition – The repetitive behaviors of the characters continue after the birth of Linton Heathcliff and Cathy Linton and Hareton Earnshaw. For example, the degrading and condescending actions by Hindley to poor young Heathcliff repeats just as Heathcliff treated Hareton just as he had been treated in the past by his father. The repetitive mockery and humiliation of being a lower class, being illiterate and uneducated accent and swears.

Setting: Include function

It begins in 1770s and ends in 1802. Most of the events occur between Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange

Conflicts: Briefly explain each

Heathcliff loves Catherine but Catherine loves both Heathcliff and Edgar. When Catherine dies, leaving Cathy behind with her dad, Heathcliff is mad at Edgar for taking Catherine away from him. He plans an avenge against Edgar to make Cathy fall in love with his son with Edgar’s beloved sister and taking all her money. When Heathcliff makes Cathy fall in love with his son, then he will force her to marry him and take all her money.

Possible Themes – Topics of Discussion (elaborate) minimum of 2

Love and Passion – Edgar loves Isabella, Cathy and Catherine as much as she loves him and Heathcliff. The passionate love between Catherine and Heathcliff makes them both soulmates and tragic lovers who never end up together. Heathcliff;s unending passion makes him so angry when Catherine dies that he plans a revenge plan to get back to Edgar for taking her away from him.


Revenge – Most of the actions are derived from revenge in one way or another in the book. Mostly from Heathcliff, he plans to get back at Edgar for taking his love away from him by planning to take his daughter and force him her to marry his son forcefully in order to take his money and his daughter, his love. Also, Heathcliff pretends to love Isabella since Edgar wouldnt approve and breaks her heart, just as he intended and taking her money along with it.

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