Wuthering Heights Break Assignment

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Updated: Mar 28, 2019
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Wuthering Heights Break Assignment essay

In the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, revenge is an eminent theme. One of the main Heathcliff, is illustrated as a hermit and after of people. He’s greedy and is always looking for ways to complicate the lives of people around him. He gets more and more revengeful as the story progresses. Every action Heathcliff does is destined to hurt the Earnshaw and Linton families, and take ownership over everything. All of these revengeful thoughts and desires actually makes him more miserable than how he was treated by Hindley. His vengeful acts also make him more dark and unhappy inside.

When Heathcliff was adopted into the Earnshaw family, Mr. Earnshaw favorites Heathcliff over his own son, Hindley. When Mr. Earnshaw died, Heathcliff expected to get ownership over Wuthering Heights, except, it was given to Hindley. At this occurrence, Hindley treated his adopted brother like a servant and with no respect. Hindley always had jealousy against Heathcliff. He did not understand why his own father liked him more. He used his ownership of Wuthering heights to try to over rule Heathcliff. He was also the person who planted the seed of hate into Heathcliff’s mind. All the cruel treatment throughout Heathcliff’s life caused him revengeful thoughts.

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Brontë is explaining Heathcliff’s revenge and in the novel by his hate manifested itself into the quest for revenge and desire for power. She uses Heathcliff to show the motive of hatred and revenge from his past childhood to now adulthood. It warns the readers of the detrimental power of hatred. Bronte created his character to have pure anger to show explores the reasons behind their anger and the different ways they use to express it. Anger does not come naturally in a person, there is always a motive behind it. Throughout all of Heathcliff’s life, he never got his way. It was very troublesome to receive ownership of Wuthering Heights. He was in love with Catherine.

However, she could not marry him because of social status, but she still loved him. When Catherine dies, he wants her ghost to haunt him. “And I pray one prayer–I repeat it till my tongue stiffens–Catherine Earnshaw, may you not rest as long as I am living! You said I killed you–haunt me, then!…Be with me always–take any form–drive me mad! only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you!” (Brontë 153). Brontë explained the reasons of all of actions of Heathcliff’s hate and destructiveness attitude with every character in the novel.

Heathcliff’s search for revenge is actually hastened along his death. Throughout the novel, all he cares about is seeking revenge. “I’m trying to settle how I shall pay Hindley back. I don’t care how long I wait, if I can only do it at last. I hope he will not die before I do!” (Brontë 54) He turns into a monster as the story advances. He has changed into a monster. He sees nothing but revenge, even his son is a tool in his plan of revenge. He does not even care for him when he’s sickly, and then the son dies. He continues to succeed his plan of revenge on Edgar. He steels Edgar’s sister and daughter and makes him watch them suffering until he dies. Because of all of this destruction, Heathcliff become’s restless and stops eating. Starvation may have been the cause of his death. If he did not have such revengeful and dark thoughts all the time, his death would not have been hastened towards it.

Brontë uses revenge as a distinguishable theme in Wuthering Heights. Every action Heathcliff did was explained with a reason to it. This is so the readers can understand the cause of all this unpleasantness and hatred. Revenge and manifestations can cause major social destruction. One person with the wrong state of mind can ruin families. Heathcliff’s constant search for revenged accelerated along his death.

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