World War Ll in History

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Over 6 million jews died all in one period of time. All those people died in the holocaust because of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi group. The Holocaust changed the world forever, and is something we will never forget. Jews and many others had to experience harsh conditions, and the Holocaust made such a huge impact on our world.

On the evening of April 20, 1889, at an inn called the Gasthof Zum Pommer in the village of Braunau Am Inn, Austria, a child was born.

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He would be baptized and raised as a Catholic. His name was Adolf Hitler. Adolfs parents are Alois and Klara Hitler. Adolf had a younger sister named Paula and a half sister named Angela and a half brother named Alois Jr. When Adolf was a child, he was a good student. He took singing lessons and sang in the choir at the Benedictine monastery. Things escalated fast. Adolf started falling behind in school and didn’t listen to the plans his father had for him. After World War 1, Hitler gained his popularity by blaming the loss of the war on the jews. Germany needed a leader to take control and promote political balance. Hitler was elected as the Chancellor of Germany. With having that power, he gained control over the legislative and executive branches. On July 14, 1933 Hitler’s Nazi Party was declared the only legal party in Germany. In August of 1934, the cabinet had enacted a law abolishing the office of president. Hitler then became a dictator (“Adolf Hitler”).

During World War ll, many jews had gone through very harsh conditions. Many jews and other people were forced into ghettos and concentration camps. In 1940, Elie Wiesel and his family of three sisters and parents were one of the many Jewish families forced to live into ghettos. In May of 1944, they were forced to the concentration camp Auschwitz.Elie was only 15 years old. Auschwitz was the largest concentration camp that took place during the holocaust. Auschwitz took the lives of more than 6 million people. They were transferred to another Nazi camp and forced to march to Buchenwald where his father died from being beaten by a Nazi soldier, just three months before the camp was liberated. His mother and younger sister also died in the holocaust. Elie was from Buchenwald in 1945. Only him and his two older sisters, Beatrice and Hilda survived (“Elie Wiesel”).

A concentration camp is a type of internment center used to house prisoners or members during wars. The prisoners or members in the camp are often tortured or used for hard labor. In the early 1940s, Hitler’s plan for the extermination of the Jews was to just have “Death Camps” which were specially made to murder Jews. When arriving at the death camps, prisoners were inspected and divided. Those who were healthy got sent to labor camps. The rest were led to believe that they were going to be placed in a relocation camp. This was just a method of keeping them calm as they were herded into gas chambers and killed with hydrogen cyanide. The victims remains were then burned in massive crematoriums. During later stages of the war, some prisoners were used for medical experiments. German doctors used live prisoners to test various toxins and antitoxins performed during surgeries. They also used prisoners to study diseases (“Concentration Camps” [Page #]).

The Holocaust was a very brutal and tragic thing that happened. Even though we can’t do anything to change our history, we can learn from it. Adolf Hitler was a very terrible person with bad intentions. Hitler and his Nazi Party caused over 6 million people to die. With that, they endured harsh conditions with very brutal punishments for just simply being a Jew. Adolf and his Nazi party caused a huge effect on our world today. The Holocaust is something we will never forget.

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