Who Wrote the Bible?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The bible was written by Mosses so the story goes.  That seems not to be the case and in-fact was written by several different people.  The torah is split in to four writers referred to as E, J, P, and R.  E refers to the chief god “EL” and J refers to Jehovah, P refers to priests, and R refers to redactor.  There are doublets of stories in the bible and what’s called the “documentary hypothesis.”  It shows that the bible was written by different people because there are several stories that are similar in nature and have different timelines.

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The first four books of the torah have Ehoist and Jehovah throughout them.  One of the writers of the torah is E and refers to god.  J refers to Jehovah and is another name for god.  The language reflected is from different times and the time lines are incongruent.  Joshua talks about Mosse’s death before it had happened.  In genesis there are two stories of Adam and Eve that tell creation differently and in different order.

God says he created man in our image which is singular and then, says, he created them male and female which is not singular.  Another time it tells a different creation story of Eve and that Eve was created from Adam.  Also, it says that Adam and Eve were created at the same time.  Genesis says that man shall eat from all the plants in the garden of Eden and then says they must not eat from the tree of knowledge; that’s just different, and supports the hypothesis that these books are from different authors.  There are two creation stories that have a different order of the creation process.  In the first creation story Adam and Eve were created first and in the second creation story they were created last.  What does that say about who wrote the bible?  It says that there are different writers and that the bible was written by different people in different times.  Another difference is that in one account the earth was formless yet in another, it’s barren and dry.  In one account man is the center of creation and in another, man is the end of the process.  The Elohist source is fragmentary and probably comes from several sources and was pieced together into one story.  There are doublets and the Elohist writings, like the writings in Genesis show that there are different writers as well.

The priests are the ones that wrote the bible and are editing it for their own personal views to favor what (and who), they were at the time.  They took apart and put the bible back together to suit their own vision as to what they wanted people to see and learn.  Also, the priests wanted to make the bible say things that would benefit their own agenda as to be selfish.  The priests did this from different time lines and different backgrounds which can be seen in the way they use language and writing styles.

God supposedly inspired the writings of the bible and directed people on earth to write it for him.  If that were the case there would be a continuous theme and timeline in the bible and that’s not the case.  To the contrary there are continuous different themes and timelines throughout the entire bible.  There is doublets also and those doublets tell a different story between them.  Someone called the”redactor”, took all the stories and made them into the bible that we have now and that’s pretty easy to see once we have looked in to the similarities and differences.

I think by all the stuff that I have read in the book “Who Wrote the Bible” and in class that I’m sure that the bible was not written by God or even from god.  I think that it was written by man for man to control man.  If it was written by god then I wouldn’t be writing this essay at all instead I would be learning about what god wants and what I need to do to please him.  The fact that there is war and poverty just tell me that there simply isn’t any god at all.  To the contrary there in-fact is not the god in the bible that loves us and wants the best for us as the churches tell us.  We need to open our eyes and take a really hard look at what we are letting other people teach us as being gospel.  That sucks and pisses me off, the fact that all my life I have believed that there was a god that loves me and wants the best for me and now I think that I have just been a fool; listening to all the church’s teachings that portray god as the all knowing and loving being that wants all the best in the world for me.  I’m probably going to be criticized for what I I’m going to tell people in future; that what they think is gospel is just something that man has written.  That’s not going to go over very well at all.

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