Who is Superhero?

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They help you when you are in a big trouble he will come and save you and he will stop them from stealing. And if you ask him to do something he will do if is long to be super safe and not harmful and he will do it. If you are in trouble he will come from the sky and safe you only if you are in Danger. Super Man is a Superhero that Flys in the sky and if you see him in the air you will say wow. And a Reson why I love that Superhero is because he can shoot laser out his eyes and can Fly also can cold breth.For Exsample Superman can save you out of Nowhere he will come out from the sky and save you that you want to thank him so much that you want to Hug him he will say your are welcome. Another Reson why I like him is because he he kicks some butt and saves the world. Superman is a good person not a bad person he saves the world and bad people fights the good people and fights the world and destroys it. Bad people fights the good people and sometimes kill them. If you get to see the bad people you can see how bad they are and you can see that they do bad stuff to the world.

They can also do something for you if your cat was up there and stuck he will come and save you or you cat. If you can see how nice they are you cee that they will save you and you can also tell how nice they are. They can save you and you will say wow a real Superhero can’t believe it is an real Superhero. People are excited because they help you and the world and you be so happy. Sometimes they say this when they leave be safe and have a nice one bye.

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Sometimes They have to go and they also can’t stay with you forever they have to safe other people to. If you want to be a hero then try to be one if people said that you are a fake one and they say you can’t don’t believe theme and be yourself. Who cares who people say be you and you can save to world just like Superman. All right do not trust people that are bad they will hurt you bad so stay away from theme OK but remember be safe. Superman is a nice person he is cool and strong if you see him in real life you can see that he is strong.

Superman is my favorite because he is super nice and my favorite super powers is that he can fly and the laser out of his eyes. He is a good person he is my favorite Superhero he is man of steal don’t mess with him. he is super strong that’s why but people say that Superman suck but in my opinion I think he is my favorite.my Superhero I love it so so much I wish I can fly with him. people think that he can’t shoot laser from his eyes but I do believe that he can shoot laser from his eyes.people might think his fake but he is not in my opinion I think he does not suck. I think he can never die sometimes other Superheros fight other Superhero sometimes they get mad then they fight because they hate what they said that’s why they fight. And if you see theme you can see how they fight other Superheros and that’s how you can see theme fight. Superman is an Awsome man you will love him if you get rob he will come for you and safe your stuff that the bad guy took from you that’s why I love him as my favorite superhero that’s why sebastiand.

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