Who is Jesus Christ for Me: a Personal Journey of Faith and Connection

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Who is Jesus Christ for Me: a Personal Journey of Faith and Connection

This personal reflective essay will delve into the individual’s journey of faith and connection with Jesus Christ. It will explore the personal meaning and significance of Jesus Christ in the writer’s life, touching on themes of spirituality, guidance, and redemption. The essay will discuss how this relationship has evolved over time, influenced by various life experiences, teachings, and personal revelations. It will also reflect on how this connection with Jesus Christ has shaped the writer’s values, actions, and outlook on life. By offering a personal perspective, the essay aims to provide an intimate look at the role of faith in individual life and the transformative power of a spiritual journey. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Freedom Of Religion.

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I am a lucky person because I am a follower of God, Jesus Christ. I realize that I have faith in him since I was young through my family members. He has taught me so many life lessons, how to live a life of a faithful follower, and how to behave with other brothers and sisters. I pray to him every single night as a little conversation between him and me to stay connected. Through prayers, my faith becomes stronger and stronger because I have built a good relationship between him and me.

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It is a seamless barrier for me, yet very powerful and secure that only I can feel. My family is Catholic instead of Christian.

Strengthening the Connection: The Power of Prayer

However, I believe in Jesus as well, but in Catholicism, the teachings and testaments might be different. But as I grow older, I understand that all religions’ mission is to teach their followers the good. So, I do not bias any religion, saying this religion is good, you should become a member of that religion, and another religion is bad, you should not follow. On top of that, I would love to know more about other religions with my fullest respect. Without Jesus helping me to realize, to be kind to other religions, and to think positively for others, I would not be myself as I am today. In my family, I have seen the same problems happen with my two cousins; they stopped going to church when they got married. They did not pray to God or have any connection with God. Then, one day, they wanted to have kids, and they kept trying, but there was no result. My mom said to them that they have to go to church again and pray to him to have the blessing of God. This helped; a few months later, they both got good news and after that, they became a good follower again. After seeing this happen, I truly believe that God’s grace is there and God always loves us unconditionally. God is always open his hands to his followers to be faithful to him whenever. I believe in Jesus because he is in me; he is like my Savior.

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Strength

Wherever I go or whatever I do, I always feel safe and blessed. When I feared something, I just prayed to him, and he heard me. For example, every time I lose something important, such as money or important papers, or even when I am late to class, I always pray to him that I can find what I lost or drive safely. And he heard me; it is just a personal experience that I do not know how to express in words. But it is just the feeling that I am the only one who can feel it. If someone has experienced it, they would understand what I am talking about. So, I think prayer is a very big part of my faithful life to Jesus, and it is the best way for me to connect with him. Also, not when I need Jesus in my life to bless me, but I talk to him at the end of the day as well. I see him as my God, my partner that will be with me for my whole life. Whenever I feel stressed about anything, I just talk to Jesus, and after that, all my stresses just go away.

This makes me feel like he is always listening to me, and he is always there for me, which makes me feel more comfortable after talking to him; my worries can be released. I see Jesus as my family because he was helping me through my ups and downs when I first came to the United States. I am an international student; therefore, it was so lonely to stay here without my family. I was home sick for almost a year, but because of my future, I have to accept it. During that time, I cried every night because my English was not that good; I also had culture shock since I am from Vietnam, and Asian culture is very different than American culture. I had no friends here, so I gave up and just wanted to go home. However, as I pray to Jesus, I feel like he is a member of my family, the leader who leads my life through hard times. He gives me strength to overcome, and he makes me believe that I can do this. He gives me encouragement and confidence to go and make friends at school. Because of that, I can stand on my own feet, fighting all the challenges that life gives to me. With God in me, I do not fear anything because he is always with me. God gives me faith and gives me this life to be his follower. He builds faith in me so that I can know what is good to do and what is bad to avoid. He teaches life lessons, which are to love our brothers and sisters as well as helping other vulnerable. He helps me to keep away from sins, and with God, I can sacrifice to do anything for him.


As we do not know when it is the last day or the day that God comes, therefore, we should live a faithful life based on the Amendments, Covenants, and Testaments. When we obey God’s commands, we gain the love of God, the connections between God and us, and make it unbreakable. I think I could not do anything without God. Everything that happens in my life is a choice Jesus chose for me. I accept those choices as my best way to live because it is God’s will. I believe every choice is a reason that God wants me to go on that path. As I am older, I do not ask for anything except everyone’s health, and God will always be with me by my side, leading me to go on the path that he chose for me, not the path that I want. I listen to him by accepting every challenge because, with him, I can do everything.


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