What was Malcolm X Famous For?

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Malcolm x was born May 19 1925 in Omaha Nebraska. His parents name was Louise Norton Little and Earl little. Malcolm’s father was an outspoken baptist minister. X’s father’s civil rights movements promoted death threats from the white supremacist organization . Witch caused them to have to relocate there home twice before his fourth birthday .

In there year of 1929 there Lansing , Michigan house was burned to ashes. Two years afterward Malcolm’s family got news that there father’s body was found lying across the towns trolly tracks.

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Police classified Earl’s death as an accident but Malcolm and his family knew that the Legion had done it. Years after X’s father’s death his mother was sent to a mental facility because of her emotional depression. While in the process of getting their mother into the hospital all 8 kids were split up into different foster homes and orphanages . Later down the path Malcolm and his friend Malcolm Shorty Jarvis moved back to boston. In the year of 1946 him and his friend was arrested for robbery. Malcolm was sentenced 10 years but parole after 7 years in. While Malcolm was doing time he took it upon himself to further his education. Malcolm’s brother Reginald would visit and talk about the muslim religion. Later on that path X began to practice the teachings of NOI (Nation Of Islam) leader Elijah Muhammad. Elijah taught Malcolm that the white society actively tried to keep African-Americans from empowering themselves and maintaining political, economic, and social achivements . The NOI put up a fight to get a state of their own one that is not ran by white folk . In the year of 1952 Malcolm was paroled and was a proud follower with the new last name X.

Father down the road Malcolm was the minister and the national spokesman for the Nation of islam. Muhammad also put x in charge of establishing new masuques (church for islam religion) in the cities of Detorit, Michigan, and Harlem. To get the NOI’s message across the country Malcolm used the radio newspaper columns and tv. Malcolm increased the amount of the NOI’s membership from 500 in 1952 to 30000 in 1963. As the membership was constantly to growing the FBI ganed accesses of the organization and secretly placed bugs , cameras , wire tapes and other spy gadgets to watch their activites. Malcolms faith was tested at the civil rights movement in 1963. There he found out that Elijah was having relations with six women within the nation of islam organization . Malcolm was hurt by Muhammad’s actions because he looked at him like a prophet. At this point of time Malcolm fet that the NOI was but on nothing but lies. Soon after he discovered all this was going on he received criticism about a comment he made talking about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

After the comment Malcolm was silenced by Muhammad for 90 days, but Malcolm was thinking he was silenced for another reason. In March 1964 X put an end to his relationship with the NOI. Malcolm founded his own organization called the Muslim Mosque inc. Later that year Malcolm went on a pilgrimage. There he shared his different thoughts and beliefs with different religions and found them to be positive comments. Malcolm returned to the U.S. with hope for the future. This time when X spoke he was not only preaching to African-Americans he was talking to all races. Soon after he resigned from NOI the FBI working undercover in the Nation of islam warned officials that Malcolm has been marked for assassination. One undercover officer had been ordered to help plant a bomb in X’s car. After repeated danger upon his life he rarely traveled anywhere without bodyguards . On February 14, 1965 Malcolms and his family’s house in Elmhurst was firebombed.February 21 1965 at a speaking engagement in Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom three gun men rushed X on stage. In close range they shot him 15 times. Malcolm X was 39 years old when he was pronounced dead at the New york’s Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. X died February 21,1965.

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