What Kind of Hero was John Proctor?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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We all know that John Proctor was a hero, but what kind of hero was he and why was he this kind? John was a tragic hero, because in the play The Crucible John gave up his life so that his wife could live.

When John Proctor died, everyone in Salem was sad. This happened more towards the end of the play when Proctor ripped up the confession he signed. John’s choice to do this was an example of purity that more people should consider following.

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Proctor is a good example of a tragic hero also because he had a tragic flaw which was lust. He lusted for Abby when they had their affair.

John’s wife Elizabeth Proctor was also sad whenever John ripped up his paper of confession. Elizabeth also realized what a hero he was by this action. “He have his goodness now, God forbid I take it from him” (Miller Act 4 771-787). When she said these words before John was hung, then she knew he was satisfied with what he did. She also knew that Proctor would become a good person, then she knew that he really was a hero. Reverend Hale also showed emotion towards the end of the play. In the beginning, Hale was asked to come observe Salem for possible witches.

Throughout the time he was there, he changed his point of view on some people especially John, because later on in the play he would start to try and protect John. Hale was very sad to see John have to get hung he did everything he could to prevent John from getting hung but there was not enough evidence to prove him not guilty, “Woman, plead with him! Woman! It is pride, it is vanity. Be his helper!-what profit him to bleed? Shall the dust praise him” (Miller Act 4, 774-710). Hale knew that John was innocent. Hale also knew that John was important to the people of Salem and to see him get hung was a tragedy.

In conclusion John Proctor was a tragic hero, and we know this because John proctor gave his life up so the his wife could live on without him.

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