What is the most Difficult Prejudice to Overcome in America Today?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Across the nations of the whole world, millions of Americans of any race always turn on their television or even read their newspapers and see great images of well dressed, articulate black people advertising their different products as represented by their companies. The black individual professionals in all arenas of work has been seen rising to a point when you see a black attorney, physician or even a college professor is a common sight. Many black people in United States of America are holding great positions of authority and respect, such as Barack Obama, Condelezza Rice, Collin Powell and many more prominent black executives.

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Due to their apparent success, these black Americans are seen to be role models to Americans of the United States despite the fact that they belong to different races. However, the black people of America are seen as exceptions to the rule and consist of a tiny fractions of the black Americans in the United States. These great black people in America assist in reinforcing the inequality created by the black Americans by allowing all races and Americans to focus on their success.

The common thought that arises is,They have made it, why is it that I cant make the same? The truthful and the direct answer is Racism. Any individual with negative attitude towards someone especially based on ethnicity or race other than personal experience is accused of prejudice. Prejudice may have broad impacts in a society. Individuals with a belief that they have been negatively judged are prone to difficulties hence leading them to deliver below their capacity. The main theme of this essay is to know how prejudice of racism and religion has been affecting the world today and the possible solutions for the problems in time especially in the United States of America. Discrimination and prejudice persists due to social learning and adjustment to social standards. Prejudice is learned by children due to beliefs and attitudes of a given society. Examples of prejudice of the modern society include those related to sex, gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, class, nationality, disability, religion and language.

It has been proved that racism is the most challenging prejudice to handle since it is visible. A racial prejudice is whereby the negative attitudes towards a certain group or people is based on race and not knowledge or experience. Religious prejudice on the other hand is whereby people of different religious beliefs develop negative attitudes towards one another. The United States of America has all races and cultures available hence make it a multicultural nation. The nation is considered to be prone of immigrants hence has been faced and is still facing many racial issues (Omi et al 2014).

Discrimination and racism has been the most discussed topics when society problems arise in not only the United States but also the whole world. For us to understand this, we are supposed to try to find the causes and also possible ways to solve them. Ways that the government should do to ensure that equality of opportunities and outcomes should also be adopted so that everybody can have a freedom to do what he/ she wants. Individuals are not supposed to be judged by the colors of their skin but the outcome of their work. One of the racist activities performed by people was slavery. Slavery was a practice in which most cultures have been exercising especially in the United States of America.

The slaves used to perform hardships especially in farms and plantations. Indeed, some slaves were used as human sacrifices. Slavery has been practiced in many cultures of the world whereby people were taken away from their parent country and sent overseas. The slaves would therefore interact with people of the other country which may have people with different skin colors, cultures as well as religion. In the United States of America, slavery was conducted by the white people who looked for free labor to develop their nation. Slaves were considered as property of the white people in America and took no respect to them. Most of the slaves who were used by the Americans were Africans since they were considered to be strong and even hard workers. The African slave trade contributed a lot towards creating a racist environment in the whole world.

The slaves were sold to other countries and no remuneration was done. Racism in the United States of America has been a great problem for a long period of time especially during the time when the Native Americans were assimilated forcibly into the European culture. There was a group of white men in the United States of America which was more concerned about the systemic racism of the black Americans (Omi et al 2014). In the beginning of the First World War, around 4 million African American were legally enslaved in the United States of America.

It is crystal clear that the criminal justice in the United States of America practices a lot of systemic racism to African-Americans in which they are directly targeted by the state. Americans need to create environmental justice whereby all races religions, cultures and incomes are treated fairly with respect to the implementation, development, law enforcement policies and regulations. The white people in the state fosters intentionally fosters discrimination between groups of color whereby anyone who is not of the same color to them is unfairly treated and judged. Current research shows that, 30% of the African- Americans in the United States of America are under correction supervision or even in jail due to unfair judgments. It is not only in America where racism is evidenced but the whole world whereby every race displays prejudice of race to each other. Due to this, there has been a racial pyramid globally that shows how every nation is supposed to shape the bias of race.

This enables every state to know the possible solutions for the problems of their race. African-Americans also face wide inequalities and discrimination of employment, housing, income and education. The United States of America rather than racial prejudice is also prone to religious discrimination. Majority of the people are Christians although there exist many other religions including Muslims and the Hindu (Wald et al 2014).The Christians have been claiming that they are not treated fairly with respect to the culture by the Politians and have had words that the vengeance will only be done by the Lord. It is not that Christians should not support the politicians but the politicians should not interfere or oppress their fair. At a time in the United States of America, a number of Muslims have also reported cases of discrimination about their religion. Islam is among the widespread religions around the world.

It is spread all over the world that in 19s century, thousand Muslims are said to have migrated to the United States of America having migrated from Ottoman Empire and other parts of South Asia. Since then, the Muslims increased rapidly due do the high birth rate and rising immigration. They then become the most racially religious group in the United States since they were new in the area. Today, around 8 million Muslims live the United States of America (Hansberger et al 2005). Muslims only count only 2 percent on the religion in the United States of America but they have accounted about one quarter of the religious discrimination claims which were filed in the year 2010. Most white Americans in the United States of America developed hatred and distrust of the Muslim religion after the 9/11 attacks and also the war of the terror which took place in the Middle East.

The activists of the Anti-Muslim undermines the value of Americans by not valuing the the First Amendment, which is said to protect all religious liberty of the Americans. The Americans bias towards Christianity since it is the main religious group in the United States of America has left the issues unresolved. It is about over a decade when the shocking 9/11 attacks by terrorist took place in the United States of America. There was a series of four suicide bombings which stroke the areas of New York and Washington D.C. The terrorists were from Al-Qaeda which is an Islamic militant group. The group hijacked four passenger jets and then piloted one to Pentagon in Virginia, Arlington and the other two jets in Twin Towers of the World Centre of Trade in the New York City. Around 3000 people died in the incident. It is ever since then when the Muslims in the United stated of America have been directly linked with matters of terrorism. Majority of the Americans have been skeptical of the Muslims since then. Through the Islamic religion and government, any relation with foreign affairs is seen as a threat to the political stability in the state (Hansberger et al 2005).

The Islamic government having no separation of the state and church, their government is mainly based on their religious principles. This has been a problem since their religion has low religious tolerance according to the other religions in the United States of America. Muslims are said that they can go ahead and kill a non-believer in their religion. This gives other religions fear that their involment in the government will be harsh and this results to a serious discrimination which is a problem in the whole world. Due to this state of government, it can be clear that although Muslims may not be portray terrorism but their harsh government may easily cause war in their nation. The Muslims thus have few chances in the government of the United States of America thus have a slogan that Islam is the solution. The slogan suggests that, in terms of political matters, Islam will make the final decision of everything and this may lead to instability to the government.In conclusion to all these, it is absolutely clear that the prejudice of racism and religion are difficult problems to overcome in the United States of America.


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