What is Noise Pollution

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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What is Noise Pollution

This essay will define and explain noise pollution, exploring its sources, types, and effects on health and the environment. It will discuss the various causes of noise pollution, such as urban development, transportation, and industrial activities, and the ways in which it impacts human health, wildlife, and overall quality of life. The piece will also cover strategies and regulations aimed at reducing noise pollution and promoting a healthier, quieter environment. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Pollution.

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That is not very noticeable like other forms of pollution. But even thus it’s not very known to people it still causes many health problems. Just as many other pollutions do, noise is created by people and man-made machines. Any form of noise or sound that is unwanted to people hearing would be considered noise pollution. Noise pollution is caused by many sources the list is endless. Here are some sources traffic noise, noise at different transport places, noise at your workplace, noise at your own home.

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The two-major source that is considered as noise pollution and that are most harmful to people health. The people that live around the airport and industrial and higher risk of being a victim of noise pollution. To get a better feel of what noise pollution is you must first understand how noise or sound is measured. The sound is measured by decibels Scale (dB), but a modified version of this scale (A scale) is used compare the same noise or sound as a person would hear.

Any sound about 85 dB is considered dangerous, and an excessive amount of exposure to that level of sound can cause permanent hearing loss or other major health issues. People might think noise pollution is only affecting people working with machinery or industrial labor. but that’s not the case Noise pollution affects everything and everyone it gets in contact with. If nothing is done about it, it would cause serious health problems. the sound is present in our daily lifestyle, but it’s not the same as noise. noise is something that is unwanted sound the gives you discomfort when hearing it. Any noise level below 80 dB would give you temporary discomfort, but anything above 80 dB would cause more than just temporary discomfort. Exposure to an excessive amount of noise can result in negative changes to our health and wellbeing. it does not just cause hearing loss It could also cause serious issues like anxiety.

Stress, Increase chances of high blood pressure, headaches, damage to the brain, Contraction of the blood vessel, disturbance in the nervous system, and worst of all heart failure. The list is endless on the effect noise has on a human body. Continues exposure to noise Could affect a person’s mental health. You can notice the change in a person’s mental health they tend to be jumpier cause them to have panic attacks more often and they would be more frustrated. That would make it hard for them to focus on a task at hand such as either there work or if you’re a student at your school. Excessive noise can also lead to lack of Sleep that could also disturb persons normal routines.

Noise pollution doesn’t just affect us human but also has in fact on the wildlife as well noise affects all kind of species that are in the sky on the ground and even the ones underground the flying species are in danger of being extended due to excessive noise created by industrial street traffic and loud music they have been changing their traveling routes and make it harder for them to hear mating calls between male and female species. Even that marine species underwater are not safe due exposure to noise under the underwater. noise pollution exists even underwater caused by man-made machines such as shipping traffic’s, industrial noise from oil rigs and military sonar and many other things. If you think you are safe from noise just because you are and comfort of your home that’s where you are wrong you are just as much as a victim as a person that is Industrial works who works around heavy machines. Even in your or you are exposed to an unwanted sound caused by Traffic, airplanes, Trains, And sirens. There are also some household equipment’s that create an unwanted sound caused by a air-condition units, generators, loudspeakers, and other small miscellaneous stuff.

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