What is its Importance Relative to Advance Practice Nursing?

The IOM future of nursing mainly focuses on changing the healthcare delivery to patients and training nurses to be leaders of change. One of the recommendations in the report requires the nurses to attain elevated levels of education and training in a quality schooling system.

The advanced nursing practice requires them to deliver better primary care in the rapid population growth. On top of that, the primary care given should be the best since they are on the frontline in the health premises. They are also the same people who nurse the patients to recovery. These professionals are, therefore, supposed to obtain a quality education if they are to perform their duties with diligence.

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Comparing the performance of someone who has undergone a quality education to someone who just attended a random training, the latter is likely to perform excellently. This is evident in their performance as the latter can handle even the critical ailments confidently since he or she is well equipped. They also do not require much guidance from the physicians and other health practitioners.

The requirement of the nurses to advance their education is also critical since they will gain more knowledge concerning their profession. It means a nurse who has qualified with a diploma in nursing is incomparable to one who has graduated with a bachelors degree. The performance of the undergraduate will be better even in their reasoning and problem-solving capacity for they are more knowledgeable compared to the diploma graduate.

Besides, the practical procedures they get exposed to advances as the level of education progress. It is, therefore, crucial for the nurses to go through a quality school system and get the best training as well as further their education as required by IOM future of nursing recommendations.

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