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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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IT is an abbreviation of Information Technology. Information technology may be defined as technology in which information is being processed, communicated exhibited as well as recovered in a fast, free from error as well as good way. It may also be referred as the technology whereby telecommunication and computer technologies work together in order to give information (Venkatesh, 2003. p 423). IT is driven by increased demand of the new, competitive environment as well as the changes of the computers. This information technology may come from the computers and robots.

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Autonomous robots may do behaviors with very high degree of autonomy, which is desirable in the area like household maintenance and wastewater treatment.

Currently, people live in a realm where the forthcoming may potentiality mean that people have to reconsider how we work, break and play. The essay will examine how the advancement of independent robots will change the lives of people positively as well as negatively. The topic of autonomous robots is the topic that never fails to raise discussions and divides society. It is inevitable that advancements of autonomous robots will change people lives in a number of ways. It will change either positively or negatively.

Robots will change our lives positively in a number of ways. One, autonomous robots will operate in locations where a normal human being cannot be able to reach (Simmons, 2001.p 81). For instance, going to the space to explore. They will act as extended eyes for man enabling them to see their visual boundaries. Furthermore, autonomies robots will be used to monitor the health status and undertake surgery inside the bodies of human beings, thus having a positive influence on our lives. Two, autonomous robots will take part in assisting old and retired individuals to do their everyday life activities.

Those activities include cooking and cleaning, assist in production of activities thus, making life easier for such individuals. Three, autonomous robots will do work very quickly as compared to human being. This is because, robots do not complain or even get distracted or tired as human do. Robots work for twenty-four hours and require minimal maintenance care. Thus, robots will positively affect our lives. Four, autonomous robots will increase the employment rates. The young generation will get jobs in robot industry thus increasing the economy of a country and reducing the poverty level among many youths. Five, autonomous robots will have a largest social positive impact on the young children. Those autonomous robots will enter schools as well as assist youngsters in learning.

They will see robots as very good at making of homes. Moreover, autonomous robots will be able to analyze as well as adapt to unfamiliar environments to extent of places with tough terrain. They will be able to associate certain terrain patterns with particular actions. This will be very much useful in carrying out explorations on the different planet by human beings. Also, autonomous robots will help the human being to predict weather accurately. Prediction weather accurately sometimes may be coming very tricky, particularly when one has to go through large volumes of the data. But due to development of autonomous robots, it may change.

Since information will be clear, there will be a good picture of weather change. Autonomous robotic will lead to an emergence of robotic doctors.Those are doctors who will be able to detect diseases and save the lives of the people. Robotic surgery assistant will also emerge. Those will be the people who will be assisting surgeons with appropriate instruments during the procedures and study the preferences of the doctors. Thus they will change our lives positively since many people will not die because of attack of any diseases.

In recent time we can now trust the machines to do work for us. There are things that autonomous robot can do and change our life in future. Entertainment if one of the greatest task a robot can ever do to change our life. Presently it is possible to control a robot to a mall or a market to do shopping for you. The robot just need to be video and audio automated so us it can recognize the direction and command from the controller (Russell, 2004 p.81-93). The robot can also be used and still it is used even today in investigation and observation about the environment to which you may like to visit. For security purposes, you can use the robot to inspect the area before you visit. In future the cost and conveniences of travel will eventually rise. It will be easier to rent or buy a robot which will help you to an inspection.

You can even hire a robot which will help check on after you old mother or father in her home. The robot can also be a good agent which can be used to visit in a disaster site. You can also use the autonomous robot to get out anonymity when you don’t want to be recognized in public (Russell, 2004 p.81-93). Robots will be able to relate behaviors with areas that need it to know where it is as well as where it will be able to navigate one point to the other. They will be able to navigate by sensing on natural characteristics. They will be able to fuse information in different sensors for both position plus navigation. This will change the lives of the people positively.

Autonomous have been used as a peripheral equipment which are more reliable, miniaturized and sophisticated. This features have been made them more efficiency in the military and law enforcement systems. The military sector have been growing for some times for the government is investing in them properly (Russell, 2004 p.81-93). Robots in form of autonomous vehicles have been used in military fields. The robots play an important role in military matters. They are used in patrols as well as used in dealing with explosive. They are featured with sensors and cameras which help the controller to do the operation. Robots are created in such a way that they have arms which help them to pick the explosives up or any susceptible hazardous element in secures or military setting.

Robots are also used in monitoring perimeters of secured area like ports where they act as a night watchman or a day inspector. Robots are used in combing crime in the urban areas. Security provided by robots will increase as their technology is increasing. They will be used in replacement of the human security forces in dealing with urban terrorism. Autonomous robots will also be used in future to neutralizing ordinance and mines after the cease of the conflicts. In future robots will move from scientific fiction and form a standard part of the future arsenal. There are programed robots which are expected to be thinking on their own and make their own decision. The future robots will be communicating with each other without human control.

Robots are used in saving lives. In a more complicated security issues, robots can be used in rescuing trapped who might need help but cannot be provided by a human being. They can be used to search the body trapped in caves and hidden foes (Russell, 2004 p.81-93). In a dangerous mission robot weapon will be used instead of using a soldier who might lose his life in the blast or an ambush. In future the current technological development will be over taken by the robots which will bring the world even more closely than it is now. The robots will also bring us to the world where everything will be done at the speed of our thought. This robots will need our minds and hand when we are just be seating in our homes. The robot will not only change our future, it will expand it.

This will not just be for fun but for or necessity. Although technology is good and its emergence was highly welcomed by the human race, because it was seen as the much needed aid to human activities and other much more complex tasks. It is very much predictable that in future the robots shall be performing all tasks that are currently held by humans. This has brought a major worry bearing in mind that many people are anticipating the massive exit in the labor market, to pave way for the takeover by the human machines, which are perceived to be faster and even efficient compared to the human work force. The long run effects of the loss of the human jobs is that there will be a less purchasing power by the consumers, products and services produced by the economy shall not find a ready market. And from the process economists suggest that the lesser the demand the higher the risks of inflation (Hansson, 2011 p. 142)

The introduction of the robotics shall mean a lot to humans and the world in general, it will mean that specific tasks shall be performed effectively at the same time in the same way raising a major worry that the human creativity to do things differently shall be lost. It must be remembered that creativity is the mother of development. There are dangers that have been associated with the introduction the automated robotics. The robotics has a specific task to perform, according to the instructions given by the operator. It is obvious perception that the owners overly depend on the robotics in full, but if the machine malfunctions, all the tasks that were to be performed shall remain pending until there is human intervention. This simple fact implies that the machines depend on human beings to function, beating the logic that human depend on the machines (Hansson, 2011 p. 142).

The idea that robots shall be set to aid the disabled and the elderly in the society, this in itself is a good idea because the group has been neglected by the rest of the population with the elderly finding life unbearable without the abled members of the community. However, robots pose a danger because they are mere machines and are not prepared to deal with emergency situations whenever they arise. There is an argument that robots are not able to dial 911 to seek for medical emergencies (Nomura, Kanda and Suzuki, 2005 p.146). Another eminent danger of the robotics is installed to perform and manage weaponry systems, this include the missiles and rockets that carry deadly chemicals, and the military planes that are currently controlled by human. It must be noted that this machines require human sobriety, judgment, experience and acute reasoning even during war to minimize their effects (Hansson, 2011 p. 142).

If the robotics are involved and engaged in wars, their effects would be negatively massive because they will follow the initial instructions ignoring major aspects of war like dialogue. Another threat of robotic in insecurity is that they might be subjected to hacking, a system malpractice that can lead to granting access of irresponsible hands or criminals to dangerous weapons, Posing threat to humanity (Nomura, Kanda and Suzuki, 2005 p.146). The fact that robots will take over all human jobs in future creates a threat that human beings shall be rendered jobless, and this would bridge laziness and lack of initiative (Hansson, 2011 p. 142). This would demand that people would not have to work in order to earn an income, hence promoting the socialism theory where the government is fully responsible for the production and generation of the economy, and issuing guaranteed salary to citizens (Nomura, Kanda and Suzuki, 2005 p.146).

With automated systems, the future of climate change is not certain anymore, because many industries will be opposed to climate change in the pretext of the fear to lose more jobs. And the fact that due to the introduction of robotics there will be insecurity in the world economies, which will make it hard politically and economically too make any progress in addressing climate change, which shall in turn render the world vulnerable to climate change effects.


From the above discussion, it is clear that, information technology is where telecommunication computer technologies work together so as to provide information. Robots are likely to become ubiquitous as the smartphones. Some people believe that, autonomous robots either affect our lives positively or negatively. There are many ways in which autonomous robots will change our lives positively. It will operate in areas where the human cannot reach, it will increase production of products, improve health, security and education sector.

The use of the robots will proceed to change many aspects of our daily lives life satisfaction of the job. It will make life easy because it will be used in doing household jobs like cleaning and cooking. Despite changing our lives positively, it will change our lives negatively by decreasing the job employment since the work to be done by human beings will be done by those robots. Therefore, I believe that autonomous robots will change our lives positively.


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